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My internet-only shop sells Japanese homespun indigo cotton and hemp folk textiles from the mid 1800's to the mid 1900's with an emphasis on boro futon covers, noragi (peasant & farmer’s clothing) and kaya (hemp) mosquito netting.

Questions about old Japanese cotton or hemp textiles are most welcome and I will respond to them the best I can.

I’ve lived in Japan for 14 years and I am very fortunate to be married to Akiko. We live in Fukuoka (Kyushu, Western Japan)  with our very ornery wire haired fox terrier, Hanako.  Please see my site for the details about our life in Japan.

Jim Austin
Fukuoka-shi, Japan

Mission:  We wish to provide an internet presence where people from anywhere in the world can acquire exceptional early Japanese folk textiles directly from us in Japan.

Location:  Fukuoka-shi, Japan
Online shop:  kimonoboy
Languages spoken:  English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese

 Japanese Vintage Boro Textile from kimonoboy

Tags:    Japanese folk textiles, boro, komebukuro, kaya, hemp mosquito netting,  indigo, kasuri, katazome, sakiori, indigo cotton

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