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Laura Foster Nicholson and LFN Textiles

I am a textile artist known for handwoven tapestries.  I have lectured, taught, and exhibited extensively.  My tapestries are in many museum collections in the United States and Italy.

I own LFN Textiles, designing ribbon, custom fabrics, and household textiles for private and corporate clients.

Artist Statement:   My work brings art, craft, and design together as different facets of the same object.  I make and design carefully considered textiles which are intended to refine a space in a full and comforting way: wall hangings, upholstery, domestic textiles, and window coverings. 

My subject matter relates to a sense of place, often domestic in nature, but I have covered themes of architecture; domestic and historic gardens (an English kitchen garden; Jefferson’s vegetable garden at Monticello); fruit and vegetables; collected objects.  Often my garden work maps out protected, quasi-natural places in suites of tapestries, wherein each piece would show a different element or view, layering experience of that place.

Primarily I make hand-woven brocaded tapestries, which are one of a kind,  rather fragile works of art.  I also design specialty jacquard-woven ribbons.  The subject matter is often similar to the tapestries: gardening, cooking and domestic life are all of interest.  Both ribbons and tapestries are ornate and elaborate woven textiles, whose only function is to provide decoration, richness, and a sense of delight.

 Bee Swarm by Laura Foster Nicholson

Location: New Harmony, Indiana, USA
Online stores:
Brick and mortar presence:  studio in New Harmony, by appointment
Blogs: LFN Textiles, Laura Foster Nicholson  
Memberships:  Surface Design Association
Languages spoken: English, some Spanish, little French  
Facebook fan page


Tags: ribbons, tapestry, jacquard, weaving, textile design, textile art, brocade, hand weaver, woven, wall hanging

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