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Linda Marcille Paintings on Silk

Linda Marcille in her studio.
My paintings on silk are whimsical vignettes of both rural and urban life in New England. I create my silk paintings using the highest quality steam set French dyes, the finest charmeuse silk and a one of a kind resist made only in New Zealand. Silk painting is a fascinating and ancient Asian art form which I infuse with my own joyful and whimsical style.

Original paintings as well as giclee prints are available in select galleries, through my website, or at my studio, Crow House Studio, in Brattleboro, VT. I welcome  custom paintings on silk as well.

I also have an online Etsy shop,  where you can buy my silk scarves and some of my prints.  Vermont galleries that carry my work:

   Vermont Artisan Designs Brattleboro,VT
   Artisans' Hand Gallery in Montpelier, VT
   Frog Hollow Gallery in Burlington, VT
   North of the Falls, Bradford VT
   Artisans' Gallery Waitsfield, VT
   Nortshire Bookstore, Manchester, VT
   Hayseed Gifts, Wilmington, VT
   Peace and Justice Store Burlington, VT

Artist's Statement:  Silk painting is an ancient Asian art form and it is very unique and mysterious. The silk itself is seemingly so fragile yet it is one of the strongest fibers in nature. There is also a serendipitous quality to painting on silk with dyes. The process never allows the artist to be fully in control or to know exactly the effect that will be created.

My paintings on silk are whimsical vignettes of both rural and urban life in New England. It is my hope that they instill in the viewer a sense of joy and lightness. I also hope that my silk paintings are as healing to those that view my work as the process of creating them is to me. 

The creative process has been a powerful healing force in my life. I have been struggling with a Lyme induced autoimmune disease since 2000.  I chose the name Crow House Studio because in Native-American legend the crow represents an omen of change, and is a shape-shifter. Crow medicine encourages people to shape shift their old realities into their future self.

Location:  Brattleboro, Vermont, USA
Online shop: silkartisan
Blog:  Brattleboro Muse Blog 

   Surface Design Association
   Valley Fiber Life
   The Guild of Silk Painters
Languages spoken: English

"Old Hutchinson Place", Silk Painting by Linda Marcille

Tags:  Silk, Paintings, Dyes, landscapes, fiber, Art, painting, artist, resists, scarves


Fabrique Fantastique

Jan Marriott at Market

I have always had a passion for vintage textiles.  As a child, I would scour market stalls for remnants for my dolly clothes, and I am still at it. I grew up in England (a publican's daughter) and have a textile degree from Canterbury College of Art ...many decades ago. Coming to Canada in the 60's I continued to practice as a textile artist, teaching collage locally at schools and libraries.  I exhibited as well. A wonderful job in the publishing industry came my way and textiles took a back seat for quite a few years, although I always bought more!  Since 2005 I have been buying and selling vintage textiles....anything that appeals and 'speaks' to me.  I sell at Ontario markets and online. I am still intrigued. 

Mission:  To serve my customers in a friendly and knowledgeable fashion, hoping to spread appreciation for vintage and antique textiles.
-Jan Marriott

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Online shops:
Social Media:  Twitter, Flickr
Membership: Textile Museum of Canada
Languages spoken: English

Vintage quilts and textiles by Fabrique Fantastique

Tags: vintage, quilts, fabric, textiles, markets, embroidery, weaving, antique, yardage, thrift


I am a mixed media, collage artist who has focused almost exclusively on fiber art since 2004. I create art quilts and one-of-a-kind wearable art from hand dyed, painted and embellished fabric. I personally dye, paint, embellish, design and stitch every garment, shawl and scarf myself. From my 1800 sq. ft studio, I also teach a variety of art classes to both children and adults, and was recently contracted by Storey Publishing to write a comprehensive book on over 80 surface design techniques. All of these techniques and much more are covered in my fiber art classes and workshops, as well as in the classes of many other artists who come to the CherScapes Downtown Fiber Arts Studio to teach their own fiber art passions.

Artist's Statement: 
In 2006 I began this incredible journey of combining my love for fiber, my skills as a fine dressmaker and 20 years experience as a mixed media, collage artist into one-of-a-kind wearable art garments for both women and men. I have been fascinated with fiber and thread since I was a little girl watching my mother create stunning dresses, suits and elegant evening gowns. I marvel as the white silk, wool and rayon fabrics come alive with the addition of dyes, paint, embroidery, beads, buttons and metal leaf! Each piece is a dance of materials, a living painting that’s only purpose is to delight and adorn the person brave enough to wear it.
-Cheryl Rezendes

Location: Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA
Online shop: cherscapes
Brick and Mortar: CherScapes Downtown Fiber Arts Studio
   278 Main Street, Suite 307
   Greenfield, MA 01301
Blog: cherylrezendes
   Surface Design Association
   Studio Art Quilts Association
Languages spoken: English

 Wearable Art by Cheryl Rezendes

Tags:  One of a kind, wearables, art quilts, hand painted, hand dyed, embellished, hand made, kimonos, scarfs, wraps

Dee Mallon

I am an improv quilter who uses a lot of upcycled clothes and home decorator fabrics in my wall hangings.  Sometimes I incorporate photo-transferred images.  Over the years, I have made quite a few commissions, and especially enjoy making quilts for special occasions.  My work has taken me into elementary and pre-schools, and many of my favorite moments over the last ten years has been making collaborative quilts with young children.

Artist's Statement:  I am a collagist at heart and work improvisationally.   I like to work on the floor, moving chunks around and constructing as I go.  I am enamored with machine quilting and tend to apply it densely -- even a small quilt can take several hours or days to complete.   I like my quilts to tell a story and the narratives in print fabrics often are what make that possible.  More and more, I am adding hand quilting to my pieces, which means I am getting more and more interested in both neatly tucked under applique AND raw edges.

Location:  Newton, Massachusetts, USA
Online shop:  Cloth Company
Blog:  deemallon
Groups: Slow Cloth on facebook; Quilters Connection guild
Languages spoken: English

Tags:  "fiber art", celebration quilts, quilt, hand stitching, machine quilting, grief quilts, recycled, shirts, dolls, totems, felt, "pin cushions", pillows, heirloom textiles, vintage, silk, linen, doily, global warming, houses, felt houses, boro, installations

David Lucht

Cowango Studios is the home for two hardworking artists (who just happen to be married), Stefanie Graves and David Lucht. Stefanie paints the watercolors. David does the batik. We are both dedicated to improving our lives and surprising ourselves through the visual arts. 

Aritst's Statement:  Batik's origins lie in fabric design, so it participates in the world of craft where the object is meant to contribute a sense of grace and beauty to peoples lives. I try to bring forward that tradition of elevating the commonplace and utilitarian object, using it as a support for the imagery I develop to show batik's potential as a fine art.

In batik the image and the cloth become a fully integrated thing. There is no surface decoration in batik. The image is established in the fiber of the cloth. I find that to be a very powerful idea.

Batik painting presents many challenges for me and the sense of exploration and adventure engage me as I pursue the skills required for its mastery. But batik has also offered some surprising solutions. It created an escape valve which allowed me to access different areas of image making which I never considered using traditional painting media. These new freedoms and restraints now provide the place where my personal style can develop.

Coming out of the world of craft, batik appeals to me in so many ways: as communal, as beauty in the utilitarian, as an anti-elitist alternative. Batik is undiscovered territory. It has magical qualities of obscurity and revelation. The finished work is only seen in its entirety at the very end of the process, when the wax is removed and the image revealed.

Location:  Paducah, Kentucky, USA
Brick and mortar:
   Cowango Studios
   517 N 8th Street
   Paducah, Kentucky 42001
   (open the second Saturday of each month and by calling ahead)
Languages spoken: English, Spanish

 "The Darndest Thing", Batik by David Lucht

Tags:  batik, painting, silk, fine art, contemporary realism, world batik

Studio Santeena - Sandra Hankins

I'm an artist turned quilter.  I just love, love L-O-V-E! to paint on fabric and then embellish the same with beads of all types, feathers and especially colorful threads.  My fiber focus is figurative or portrait images.  The saying "The eyes are the window to the soul" is very true.  A subject's essence always pushes through in their visual glaze in the art piece.

Artist's statement:  My mantra “to live creatively” has been my focus for the last several years.  Although involved in art explorations throughout my life, working mostly with watercolor and oil mediums, quilted fiber art has been my recent primary concentration for creative expression. I truly enjoy taking a theme and expanding that theme into images of shapes, color and varied textures on fabrics.  My themes are mostly figurative with expressive faces often featured as focal points in my quilt art.  Facial expressions, especially eyes captivate me.  Hence, many of my quilts feature them peeping out of each fiber design.  It’s fascinating to see fabric and illustration work together. Many interesting combinations have emerged from this pairing.  My techniques usually begin with ink painted illustrations, then I incorporate thread painting and stitching, and finally embellish with beads and my signature feathers.

Landscapes of nature’s wonders are also themes used in my artwork. Nature provides an endless and wonderful array of subjects for my art pieces. Sunsets take on new meaning when featured in fiber art. 

Location:  Temecula, California, USA
Online shop:
Blog: Santeena's Musing
   Studio Art Quilts Association
   Quilts on the Wall (Southern California)
   Visions Art Quilts (Southern California)
   Textures Fiber Arts, Temecula, CA
Languages spoken: English

"Gimme Shelter" Art Quilt by Sandra Hankins of Studio Santeena

Tags: “Sandra Hankins”, Faces, Portrait Art, Fiber Arts, Fabric Art, Art Quilts, Fabric Arts, Fiber Arts, quilting

Green Mountain Spinnery

Since Green Mountain Spinnery’s founding in 1981 we have been designing and producing richly colored, must-touch yarns and classic and contemporary patterns for hand knitters.  To this day our goals remain unchanged: to create yarns of the highest quality, to help sustain regional sheep farming, and to develop environmentally sound ways to process natural fibers.

All the fibers we use – wool, alpaca, mohair, organic cotton, and lyocell - are grown or produced  in the United States. We make every effort to purchase directly from individual growers.  Unlike most commercial mills, The Green Mountain Spinnery uses no chemicals to bleach, mothproof or shrink-proof yarns.

From initial contact with the fiber grower through the final labeling and approval of each finished skein, our team attends with care to every step and detail in the yarn-making process.  Each of our skilled employees brings enthusiasm and talent their work. Most of us at the Spinnery are accomplished hand-spinners, knitters or weavers; we have a heart-felt interest in producing extraordinary yarns for your use.

The yarns are created in our mill in Putney Vermont with vintage equipment. We match the dynamic capabilities of our machinery with a keen understanding of the nuances of each fiber blend. Throughout the entire process, the inherent liveliness of natural fibers is respected.

Our knitting patterns are designed to encourage knitters of every level to expand their skills and create natural fiber garments that can be worn with style and pleasure for years to come.

The Spinnery is now in its 30th year of operation.  We are a worker-owned coopertive.

Location: Putney, Vermont, USA
Online Shop: Green Mountain Spinnery
Brick and Mortar Presence: Our mill store is located at 7 Brickyard Lane, Putney and is open every day except major holidays.  Some of our yarns are also sold in fine yarn shops in the USA and Canada.  See our website for a complete listing.
Social Media:  Ravelry
   TNNA- the National Needle Arts Association
   Vermont Seep and Goat Association
   Valley Alliance of Worker Coopertives
Languages spoken: English

Green Mountain Spinnery, a worker-owned cooperative

Tags: wool, natural fiber, mohair, alpaca, custom spinning, yarn, worker-owned, knitting, crochet, Tencel

Marge Rohrer Designs

I specialize in creating hand-woven accessories for ""the woman who loves to wrap herself in luxury"".  Our elegant collection of  flings, capes and shawls are woven of soft and luscious fibers for a refined, classic look or in more rugged textured yarn for casual wear.  The hand-work and personal touches given to each piece proclaim each a MARGE ROHRER DESIGN.

I've been following the ever elusive thread for 40years, inventing and reinventing myself and my creations.  My husband, David, joins me in MARGE ROHRER DESIGNS as my chief weaver while I am the designer of both fabric and garment. Our studio is nestled amidst a forest of trees and a rippling creek high in the western North Carolina mountains. Nature's beauty constantly inspires us to produce exciting and ever-changing collections of  luxurious hand-woven accessories by MARGE ROHRER DESIGNS.  We would love for YOU to own one.

You can find our work in these shops: The Bascom Art Gallery (Highlands, NC), The Tin Roof Studio (Highlands, NC), and Arrowcraft Shop (Gatlinburg, TN).

Artist's statement:  I love yarn in any shape , size or form. I've been a weaver and designer for 40 years. As I will be morphing into my eighth decade of life this fall I find myself not only continuing the designing and creating of our luxury collections of accessories but yearning to play with other fiber techniques and mixing them all together in new shapes and forms.  Patterns and rigid techniques do not interest me, I want to indulge in a dialog between  ideas, materials and techniques to tame the beautiful, elusive threads to bend to my heart's desire. 

Location:  Highlands, North Carolina, USA

Social Media: facebook, twitter
   Southern Highland Craft Guild
   The Bascom Art Gallery    
   Highlands Chamber of Commerce
Languages spoken: English

"Fling", Handwoven shawl by Marge Rohrer Designs

Tags: hand-woven, fashion, accessories, luxury, flings, butterfly capes, hats, needle felting, rayon yarns, novelty yarns, shawls

Rosemary Boyd / Plumfish Creations

I have always loved to create. I can't remember a time when I didn't knit or crochet or sew. My grandmother had the enthusiasm and patience to teach me when I was very young - but more importantly she shared her fascination with every stitch I created; showed her excitement and eager anticipation as each piece unfolded; and jubilantly celebrated every completed work.

I love vibrant colours, and rich textures... colours that ask to be noticed and textures that long to be touched.

The accessories I make are sometimes said to be flamboyant and lively - an expression of a part of me, that is otherwise hidden beneath a conservative quiet exterior.

I have long had a dream to develop a career where I would have the opportunity to showcase and sell my own designs, but have previously lacked the confidence to take the first step. In recent years this desire has grown stronger, and the passion for creating has become almost overwhelming.  I have been encouraged by many to pursue my dream, and inspired by my beautiful artist daughter, to freely explore and express every spirit filled emotion and idea - whether fleeting or enduring.

I often feel that my art takes on a life of its own, and somehow creates itself...

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Online shop: plumfish
Languages spoken: English

 "Silk Boa", Wearable Art by Plumfish Creations

Tags:  silk scarves, accessories, wraps, bags, clothing, fabric jewelry

Moonwind Designs / Joyce Blaney

"Claire" Photo art quilt by Joyce Blaney

I've been sewing since I was in high school (in the 60's), and now own my own sewing school in Redondo Beach, California.
After sewing garments for years, I succumbed to quilting, and love it!  Since I've collected fabrics, and scraps for years, I decided to make some art pieces and love doing it!

Location: Redondo Beach, California,  USA
Online shops: Sew Creative Cafe 
   Sew Creative Cafe on Etsy
Brick and mortar:
   Sew Creative Cafe
   1726 Aviation Blvd.,
   Redondo Beach,  CA  90278
Languages spoken: English

"Heart Storm", Quilt by Joyce Blaney

Tags: Sewing teacher, patchwork, classes, cotton quilts

Anna Kocherovsky

“Passage” tapestry by Anna Kocherovsky
21”x 61”

“Floating” tapestry by Anna Kocherovsky
36”x 48”

Educated at Moscow’s School of Visual Art, I turned to hand-woven tapestries in the search of a fresh visual language and a distinct process I could call my own.  

Resident of Michigan from 1989, I am working as a studio artist, designing and weaving tapestries. From that time, I exhibited my work in the numerous shows in Michigan and as well nationally. I also participated in the special projects, such as “Inaugural Lady Liberty Project” for ACLU of Michigan (2006) Detroit, Memorial Tapestry (2003), Purim Flag for the JCC in Manhattan, NY (2002) and completed several commissions.

My work is soft, quiet and reflective. I am very much interested in mythology, especially Jewish mythology and traditions; because it is very vivid and reflects who I am.  I love to read and often it gives a starting impulse for the new work.

Artist's Statement:  When exploring the theme for my new tapestry, I produce numerous drawings to experiment and clarify the idea for the new work. I enjoy the energy and spontaneity of process of drawing and want to carry the same element of excitement in my tapestries. 

Location:  West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA
Membership: The American Tapestry Alliance
Languages spoken: English

“Tree of Life” tapestry by Anna Kocherovsky
40”x 43”

Tags: Tapestry, weaving, wall-hanging, gobelin, textile art, art, contemporary tapestry, studio, gallery, hand-woven, drawings, mythology, torah studies

Susan M. Hinckley

I'm a writer-turned-artist who stitches my stories full time using a needle and thread, felted wool, and a variety of mixed media embellishments.  

Artist's statement: I feel a strong connection to the domestic needlework tradition and am particularly interested in the role handwork plays in the lives of those who create it, be it practical, expressive, or therapeutic.

My pictures depict glimpses of everyday (well, sort of) people and animals, combining a love of words, folk art and fiber.  Simple shapes, bright colors and a word or two tell the story, inviting the viewer to engage in an exploration of the ordinary made extraordinary through the use of a little imagination and a lot of tiny stitches.  But my work is as much about the process as it is about product. 

My pieces are 100% hand-stitched.  I love the feel of the wool and the slow pace at which the picture is revealed.  Using repurposed and hand-dyed felted wool, I sew and embroider each layer, incorporating beads, vintage trims, found words and phrases.  I take delight in giving discards a new life.

My education is in creative writing.  Perhaps that explains my need for words to complete the picture.  Most often my words are cut from vintage magazines of the 1920's - 1950's.  Quirky colors and fonts and the hunt for just the right letter add to my enjoyment of the process and ensure that each piece is truly an original. 

Location:  Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA
Online shop: smallworksinwool
   FAMM (Fiber Arts and Mixed Media)
Languages spoken: English

 "Dreamgarden" by Susan M. Hinckley

Tags:  self-taught, hand-stitched, vintage, embroidery, applique, narrative, folk art, embellishment, wool, felt  

Orit Dotan

I am a Waldorf handwork and crafts teacher, doll artist and art therapist.  I teach sewing, knitting, needle felting, weaving, wet felting and wool painting, using soft, natural materials in my creations.  I recently discovered a love for buttons and started to use them in my work as well as selling them.  (See my second Etsy shop.)

I used to teach at Waldorf schools and at the seminar for training Waldorf teachers in Jerusalem.  I recently opened a private school where I work with young teachers, children, mothers and grandmothers.

As a teacher, I believe I have to be the example of how to create so I practice with making every single item I teach.  In this way, teaching and creating handwork and crafts in the Waldorf tradition are both my inner development and my occupation too.  I have taught for over 30 years now and needed a change.  So, I started my first e-shop as a hobby, as a way to study new skills [computer and English].  I was amazed to see that people liked what I created!  It encouraged me to go on with it-  and here we are...  Now I am a seller, too.  You never know what tomorrow will bring or where your destiny will lead you.

Artist's statement:  I believe Waldorf dolls provide healing forces for the child.  The love and warmth which is involved in the creation of these kinds of dolls streams to the doll in the process of creating and the child can feel it.  I can tell you from my experience that hyperactive children who did not sleep well began to sleep all night when their mothers created a waldorf doll for them. Also, the process of creating these dolls is therapeutic for the adults, as it is a process that requires forces from the soul which are different from any other creation i know...  It calls the creator to be in touch more deeply with their own inner powers.

Location: Israel
Online shops: oritdotandolls, oritdotan
    Naturalkids team on Etsy
    Needlefelters team at Etsy
Languages spoken: Hebrew, English

 Waldorf Natural Dolls by Israeli Artist, Orit Dotan

Tags: Waldorf, dolls, felting, needle felt, sewing, painting, wool, buttons, vintage, hand painted

Magpie Artworks

I have always had a strong affinity with fibre and fabric and feel blessed that my life in the textile industry has ultimately led me to the wonderful world of soft sculptured figures. Textiles and colour inspire me. In the right combination, they stir up my creativity and encourage touch and imagination. Great fabrics can send me to a very happy place and can touch me deep within. Creating an art doll affords me the opportunity to mix colours, fibres, textures to my heart’s content and often results in some outrageous combinations because I throw away the rules!

The art doll feeds my personal need to amuse and to be entertained and the perfect vehicle for it is the jester. I derive tremendous pleasure creating them and bringing each of them to life; their noisy chatter is exhilarating! I hope you will stop by the nest for a visit!

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Membership: Cloth Doll Artistry
Languages spoken: English, some Spanish

Jester Art Dolls by Magpie Artworks


Susan Fennell / Oriba Shibori

I am a textile artist principally working in shibori and indigo dye.  I dye silk scarves, furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloths) and other cloth items that reference Japan.  For 10 years I taught Japanese language in a Raleigh, NC high school. Through the Artists in Schools program I’ve taught Japanese textile arts across North Carolina. Currently, I teach classes at a non-profit center for the arts, Artspace, in downtown Raleigh.

I studied art at the Maryland Institute in Baltimore, MD and textiles at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC.  In 2001, I was awarded the Leonard White award by Miriam Schapiro during a juried exhibition at Meredith College.

Artist's Statement:  My textile work references childhood years in Kagoshima, Japan where my neighbors dyed threads in indigo and wove them in long swaths for kimono. The colors, patterns and other imagery reflected in my work are an exploration of that experience integrating language and surface design.

Location:  Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Online shop: sfennell
Blog:  Ito de/ By Thread 
Memberships: Threads - a local textile study group in Raleigh
Languages spoken: English and Japanese 

"Two Bottles", shibori dyeing by Susan Fennell

Tags: Textile art, fiber art, shibori, indigo dyeing, aizome shibori, shiborizome, surface design, silk, cotton, linen, rayon, Japanese textiles, scarves, furoshiki

Dakini Dreams / Bonnie Clark

After a lifetime of living all over the US and traveling all over the world, experimenting with ceramics, printmaking, collage, and mixed media, I’ve finally settled in Santa Fe, NM and returned to the world of fiber and textile art.  My current focus is on needleweaving and tapestry weaving although I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m easily distracted by bright, shiny beads. 

A lifelong interest in indigenous cultures and ethnic / tribal art originally led me to maskmaking and this same interest has been instrumental in my studies of ethnic textiles.  Living in the Southwest provides a daily reminder of the role indigenous cultures and their artwork plays in our lives.  Inspiration for new pieces is there every time I walk out the door and see the architecture, the mountains, the desert, and a sky that can only be found in the Southwest.  I try to capture a little bit of this world in each of my weavings through design, color palette, and choice of focal stones and beads.

Artist's Statement:  My art is an exploration of the importance of change and releasing the past, especially the people and situations that hinder personal growth, empowerment and transformation.  The utilization of mythic figures, archetypes, motifs and themes allows me to explore letting go of the familiar, safe and secure in order to travel to the dark, often frightening, places of the soul.  In this way, I’ve learned to trust my inner voice and honor my soul’s need for expression and challenge. 

As a fiber / textile artist, printmaker and collage / mixed media artist, I use layers of digital images, ink, paint, handmade paper, ephemera, beads, textiles, fibers and glass to create pieces in which some of the images remain visible while others become fragmented, distorted, veiled or buried.  The resulting piece is complex and multi-layered in the same way that life is complex and multi-layered.  True understanding comes with being able to envision what is below the surface.

The imagery, taken from mythology, fairytales and the Tarot, requires a level of introspection… an inward journey and a willingness to face both the positive and negative aspects of life, human experience, personality and the world.  As a result, the process of creation becomes an excavation of self.  During this inward journey, questions arise regarding spirituality, aging, feminism, visibility, and aesthetics.  What should remain visible and what should be hidden from view?  How do society and our culture control our perceptions?  How does this perception affect our view of reality and illusion?  I want the viewer to question, explore and discover their own truth.   

Location:  Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA 
Social Media:
   Google Profile
   Surface Design Association
   Handweavers Guild of America
   American Print Alliance
Languages spoken: English

"Bandelier", Needle Weaving by Dakini Dreams

Tags:  weaving, needleweaving, fiber art, textile art, beadwork, collage, mixed media, tapestry, surface design, embroidery

Marion Coleman Textiles & Mixed Media

"Hot Flash", Art Quilt by Marion Coleman

As a textile and mixed media artist I enjoy making public art, teaching and working on community projects.  I am particularly interested in creating work addressing themes about women, aging, memory,  history and other social themes.    Much of my work is representational but I also enjoy working with bold colors and ethnic fabrics.

Artist's Statement:  For over thirty years I  worked in youth and family services and during the last two decades I have combined this experience with fiber, stitching and color to create work that explores color, memory, social change and community. 

As a youngster I was taught to sew and crochet by my grandmother.  That learning was the beginning of my art making which has now led to designing and fabricating contemporary quilts and mixed media art.  I continue to use a variety of fibers, threads, paper, paint and found objects to present ideas that interest me. My work is both color and concept driven.    I combine established strip piecing techniques associated with African American quilts but may include extensive stitching, slashing, burning, paper, paint, plastic, beads, buttons, recycled materials or just about anything that strikes my fancy. I continue to add to my collection of old photos as I explore memory, history and culture.  In addition to the early influences of the women quilters in my family I have also been drawn to the work of numerous  artist/story quilters. 

I am presently working on a jazz series as a secondary thread to my portrait series about women over 50. 

Location:  Castro Valley, California, USA
Online shop: Marion Coleman
Blog: Marion Coleman
   American Craft Council
   Studio Art Quilt Associates
   Surface Design Association
Languages spoken: English

 "Neighborhood Watch", Memory Series
Art Quilt by Marion Coleman

Tags:  public art, portraits, representational art, art quilts, community, recycled

Jefferson Street Studios

Bob and Helene Davis have renovated a late 1800's former grocery store into a home, studio and showroom.  Helene Davis is a quilt and  ceramic artist.  Bob does computer art and makes ceramic beads.  They sell hand- dyed fabric, hand-dyed shirts and beads at their studios and at several art quilter retreats around the country.

Location: Paducah, Kentucky, USA
Brick and Mortar: Jefferson Street Studios
   1149 Jefferson St, Paducah, KY 42001
   Paducah Fiber Artists
   Paducah Area Painters Alliance
Languages spoken: English

"Incarnation", Art Quilt by Helene Davis

Jefferson Street Studios, Paducah, Kentucky

Tags: handdye, fabric, beads, art quilts, helene davis, bob davis, beads, contemporary


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