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HeART of Healing Gallery



HeART of Healing Gallery is the art component of the Integrative Medicine of Kentucky, owned by fiber artist and healer, Dr. Christi Bonds Garrett. Christi has a special interest (and huge collection!) of Kuna molas and vintage kimono.  She is especially drawn to fiber art and textiles that make reference to the healing arts, thus many of her molas depict images of curative plants, medicine men and women, and scenes where patients are being healed.

Mission: to incorporate the arts into the healing process.

Christi is a member of the Paducah Fiber Artists.  Her quilts often make reference to Chinese or Native American medicine.

Location: Paducah, Kentucky (USA)
Online Stores: Etsy
Brick and Mortar: booth at 212 Broadway in Paducah
Blogs: HeART of Healing Gallery
Languages: English

Mola: Medicine Men Playing Flutes

Tags: kuna mola, kimono, applique, hilltribe, art quilt, miao, native american, chinese, herbs, shaman

Rayela Art

Rayela is my name in Pashtu, one of the languages spoken in Afghanistan.  I had a gallery in Chicago, Dara Tribal Village, with Abdul Wardak of Afghan Tribal Arts (Also a TAFA member).  After we closed in 2004, I needed a new name for my solo business and liked how Rayela sounded.

I've made things all of my life and have worked with cultural textiles since 1988.  The marriage of all of my interests come together in how crafts and the arts can promote economic development, both for working artists and for distressed communities around the world.  So, I am interested in fair trade, recycling, green architecture and much more.  My website is split into two, one side focusing on the things I have made (mostly biodegradable, I sew and fold paper using the candy wrapper technique) and my entrepreneurial efforts.  TAFA is one of them and has been a wonderful experience for me.  It looks like I hit on a needed niche within the fiber arts community, but it is only as cool as it is because of the sum of its parts, the people it represents.

I grew up in Brazil (1962-1980), went to St. Olaf College in Minnesota (major?  Church and State Relations in Brazil.  What do you do with that?), lived in Chicago for 20 years, then moved to Paducah, Kentucky in 2005.  There is a large and vibrant artist community here and one of my monthly highlights is meeting with my peers, the Paducah Fiber Artists.  I spent most of my years in Chicago running retail businesses in Chicago.  I loved the diversity there and have friends from every corner of the world.  Now I do both online, spending most of my time at home, setting up products for sale and working on building an international fiber arts and textile community.  Someday I hope to travel again and do some research on textiles and on how they impact their communities.

I also manage two Etsy shops for two TAFA members: Afghan Tribal Arts and Oshiwa Designs.  Afghan Tribal Arts sells textiles and hand carved beads from Afghanistan and Oshiwa is a carving group in Namibia that specializes in textile stamps.  The inventory is all housed in my home and shipping can be combined between the three shops.

Oh, and yep!  I started TAFA.  It was my brainchild, but it has taken off and become a wonderful community, far beyond my expectations!  TAFA is a wonderful place, full of eye candy and such a tribute to so many traditions, cultures and history.  But, most importantly, each member is a person who contributes in her or his own way, to the preservation of the web that binds us together.

Mission: To help preserve textile traditions, to educate the public about the social context of the artists, to empower the people who make them, and to increase market access to small-scale crafters and artists.

Location: Paducah, Kentucky, USA
Online Shops: Rayela
Brick and Mortar: booth at 212 Broadway in Paducah
Blogs: Rayela's Fiber Focus, Artezano Links, TAFA
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others.   All under Rayela Art.


 Wallpaper Purse by Rayela Art
Folded Paper Weaving using the Candy Wrapper Technique

Rayela Art on Facebook

Tags: suzani, ralli quilt, textile stamps, textile blocks, molas, hats, indigo, batik, indian textiles, vintage quilts, vintage textiles, textile remnants, embroidery, cultural textiles

Afghan Tribal Arts

Afghan Tribal Arts seeks to support traditional craft producers in Afghanistan.  

It places great value on both old and new talent and seeks to help artisans reach wider markets with their work.  Afghan Tribal Arts strives to balance both the needs of the producers and the demands of the market by paying and pricing fairly.

Afghan Tribal Arts specializes in beads, jewelry and carpets, but also has a huge inventory of textiles, wood, clay and metal works.

Warehouse: Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin (USA)
Regular travel route through Central and South East USA
Retail gallery: Sturee Tribal Village, in Pendleton, South Carolina (USA)
Online Shop: Etsy
Blog: Sturee Tribal Village
Languages spoken: English, Pashtu, Farsi, Urdu, a bit of Uzbeki

Tribal Textiles from Afghanistan and Central Asia


Sturee Tribal Village in Pendleton, SC (USA)

Afghan Tribal Arts on Facebook

Tags: Ethnic, Tribal, Suzani, Rugs, Carpets, Kilim, Hats, Mukluks, Beaded, Kuchi, Textiles


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