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Ruby Wings Designs, Peggy Wright

My name is Peggy Wright. I am passionate about fibers, beads, and color in whatever form, and I love both hand and machine work. I now focus on art quilting, incorporating hand beadwork and thread embroidery, hand and machine appliqué, and machine piecing, free motion quilting, thread sketching, and thread painting. I often create dimensional work using beads, thread, and any other material that seems to fit the piece. I also have started painting on fabric, using the painted fabric as background or applique.

In my current business, I sell beading kits for jewelry. I have beaded for over 20 years and have taught nationally at conferences. Currently, I teach a beading class through the Embroiderer’s Guild of America (EGA). My shift to quilting and two-dimensional art occurred only a few years ago, and I hope to sell my art quilts in the future.

Artist statement:  Color and texture drive my art. I paint with fabric, beads, and thread to create a distinctive visual and tactile experience for the viewer.

Location:  St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Online shops:
   Ruby Wings Designs (website)
   Ruby Wings Designs (Etsy)
Social Media:  Connectedthreadz
   Minnesota Contemporary Quilters
   Evergreen Quilters
Languages spoken:  English

Art Quilts by Ruby Wings Designs

Tags:   Art, Fiber Art, Fiberart, Art Quilt, Wall Hanging, Wall Quilt, Fabric Art, Textile Art, Bead Embroidery, Beading on Quilts

Kit Eastman

I am a textile artist from St. Paul, Minnesota. I make both functional and art textiles, hand painted in the Japanese tradition of katazome (paste resist stencil dyeing), using a palette of natural pigments and dyes on linen, cotton, silk and sometimes paper. My work celebrates daily meetings with the wild birds, plants, and lake breezes of my local urban surroundings.

My decorative and functional works (i.e. pillows and runners) are created in small batches, and each item is a unique variation of my original design. I also create one-of-a kind katazome works for the wall. In addition, I am open to custom commission work. For example, I can work with homeowners and/or interior designers who want to decorate a home or public space with a unique, nature-inspired art textile.

Katazome techniques can be applied to any natural fiber woven fabric, from sheer silks to heavier weight wools, linens, hemps and cottons. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about what is possible!

Artist statement:  Natural forms draw me in on daily walks around the small lake near my home. I am captivated by the patterns and cycles I observe in plants, water, birds and seasons. These familiar landscapes, as well as the interior terrain of thought, memory and imagination inspire my work.

Since January of 2009, I have focused exclusively on the materials, tools and techniques of katazome, which inspire me almost as much as my subject matter! The centuries-old technique incorporates elements of both printmaking and painting, and relies on simple non-toxic materials such as rice paste resist, natural pigments and dyes, and soymilk. It is an elegant process with relevance for the contemporary artist who strives to work with a minimum impact on the environment.

As my work enters the stream of daily life, those who use and enjoy it will be reminded of the beauty of nature. In sharing with my audience how the work was made, I hope to inspire appreciation of this inventive, robust, and earth-friendly Japanese textile tradition.

Location:  St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Online shop:  SilverMinnow
Blog:  kiteastman
   Surface Design Association
   Textile Center of Minnesota
   American Crafts Council
Languages spoken:  English

Katazome textile by Kit Eastman

Tags:  natural dye, hand painted, linen, silk, katazome, Japanese, bird, plant, home decor, stencil

Waterrose Handcrafted Obsessions

I'm a textile artist who has a love of  hand embroidery. Not only do I love collecting vintage pieces of embroidery...I love creating new embroidery pieces that I hope will be passed down to other generations. I also enjoy doing research on embroidery and collecting the history of this beautiful handwork.

I initially began creating hand embroidered cuffs, but I have been exploring other artistic mediums utilizing embroidery. Recently I have delved into a 3-dimensional aspect and have been creating pieces based on inventions of the 1800s.

As I explore more of the history of embroidery I gather more ideas on things that I want to create...I have an entire notebook filled with these ideas!

Artist statement:  Enlightening a generation to embroidery by showing that it is a beautiful, valuable and personal art form.

Location:  Arizona
Online shop:   Waterrose
Blog:  waterrosez
Social Media:

Languages spoken:  English

Embroidery, "Umbrella Man" by Waterrose Handcrafted Obsessions

Tags: hand_embroidery, embroidery_art, wrist_cuff, vintage, fabric, thread_art

luxury lanna crafts

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, こんにちは, 你好 and สวัสดีคะ!

Welcome to Luxury Lanna Crafts.  My name is Nuk and I love Bags!

I buy vintage handmade tribal fabrics, recycle them with love and passion,creating unique luxurious handbags and accessories.  I use tribal textiles from Asia such as:   Hmong(Miao), Karen, Tai duum, Akhu, Banjara, and many more from Kutch, India.   Styles also include Afghan Suzanis and Indian Kanthas. This diverse beauty makes our store rich with treasures for everyone to discover, sharing in my passion. 

Lanna is a place of outstanding beauty and inspiration, it is where I live, and where I continue to feel inspired by the culture and crafts of tribespeople and their unique ability to translate generations of cultural importance with fabric and needle or loom. Mostly tribal women work all day and then forge their soul and belief onto fabric for our delight and pleasure.
I can provide luxurious quality tribal fashion, private or wholesale. We are committed to giving the best quality of service and product, while keeping prices affordable.  We make everything in house and can custom make designs for your fancy.  We can produce at notice high quantities of both Indian and Thai tribal bags and accessories.

Artist statement:  I have been buying, selling and making bags for more than 6 years.  I believe strongly and passionately in the interesting people that make up the cultures of Chiangmai, along with other hill tribe cultures.  Their work is a diminishing art form and I want to be able to provide these luxury fashion items to everyone, so that more people can experience and marvel at their beauty.  We recycle these fabrics and as much as possible deal directly with the tribes and people that make them.  Their kindness and skill is our last true meaningful effort to salvage this way of life before it is lost.

Location:  Chiangmai, Thailand
Online shops:  
Social Media:  Twitter
Languages spoken:  Thai, English

Luxury Lanna Crafts uses vintage tribal textiles from Thailand and India.

Tags:  Ethnic, Boho, Handmade, vintage, tribal, unique, nature, recycle, fashion, hmong


I learned how to do locker hooking from a book.  Most of the projects were fabric based, but one used plastic bags.  I tried it out with shopping bags.  Then I started thinking how I could use the plastic newspaper sleeves that we got every day.  Friends, co-workers and family started giving me theirs. 

Normal back and forth on the grid got boring and I began planning designs I could create.  The bags have a wide degree of variation in density, color and hue so I sorted them accordingly.  The ink printed on some of them distracted from my design, so I cut that part out and saved them in case I could use them in another way. 

I have a background in interior design and custom draperies, so neatness is very important.  My designs are supported by quality work to make the best foundation and finish work on them.  The base for most of my designs is 3.5 latch hook canvas.  I hem all four sides, paint the background dictated by my design, and bind all edges with the same plastic I’m using in the piece.  The back is anchored with either silicone sealer or ModPodge.  You can use tiny nail brads in the wall and push the wall hanging onto them.  Otherwise you can use drapery rods and rings or have them framed.  

In the beginning I thought I was making rugs, but soon my admirers assured me that "No, these should be hung on the wall because they are truly an art."  So, my first designs are a bit larger and took quite a long time to make.  Sometimes the size of available canvas left from another work will inspire my design, such as the tree and leaves. 

I have been doing locker hooking since 2009.  I have created about 6 pieces each year.  Working around 2 hours a day on them, it takes between 6 weeks and 3 months to complete a piece.  To help keep from damaging my body with repetitive motion, I also like to do knitting, crocheting, embroidery punch, jewelry design.  Right now I'm growing some cotton for my adventure into spinning cotton for some project in the future.

-Mary Gerstner

Location:  Topeka, Kansas, USA
Online shop:  UpCycleArt
Languages spoken:  English

Locker Hooking with Recycled Plastic Bags by UpCycleArt

Tags:  Locker Hooking, Newspaper Sleeves, Plastic Shopping Bags, Recycle, Upcycle, Reuse, Bright Colors

Karen Henderson

When I create my art, I try to tap into the calm center of myself and let myself respond to my environment and the materials I work with.  I love the rhythm of weaving and stitching. Creating my own cloth feels right, and the challenge of re-creating moments in nature is endlessly fascinating for me.  I take time to absorb each piece that I make in all of its stages, until it is complete. 

My work is shown in group or solo shows, and I also create special pieces on commission for individuals, businesses, or through art consultants.  My process for commissions is personal and rewarding for me both me and my clients.  I enjoy learning what it is that people respond to in my work, and what they are looking for in their home or business.  Please visit my links to see more of my artwork, process and inspiration, and feel free to contact me for Exhibit, Commission, or Lecture opportunities.

The other creative hat I wear is as a Freelance Textile / Surface Pattern Designer, working with clients in the Home Furnishings, Fashion and Stationery/Giftware industries.  With this aspect of my work, I create designs using the fiber techniques I love, and incorporate many other art techniques as well.  I also create computer generated designs in Photoshop and Illustrator, and/or my designs are a combination of both hand and computer work.  While this design work is not included on my art website currently,  I'm happy to send design samples upon request, and encourage you to contact me if you have a project in mind.

I’m also working on getting an Etsy site together for the wearable art and other smaller hand crafted items that I enjoy making.  Once I have that shop up, I'll let you know!

Artist statement:  In my work, I am interested in the connections between self, place, emotion and time.  Seasons, atmospheres and the time of day intrigue me.  I try to recreate these natural occurrences, evoking emotions that I associate with them through the use of color, line, and texture.

I use different dye techniques (batik, shibori, color removal, rust print) as well as sewing with my weavings and fabric pieces.  I draw lines by stitching with thread.  Dimension is added with tucks, layers, or other manipulations of fabric.  The lines suggest landscape or other aspects of nature.  Most of the techniques I choose to use are very contemplative, encouraging introspection; other processes are spontaneous and unpredictable.  I try to find a balance between the two approaches, trying to capture those ephemeral, fleeting moments of time.

Short Bio:
Originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Karen Henderson now resides in the beautiful Green Mountain state of Vermont.  She learned weaving and print design in the textile design program at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, PA.   Her work has been shown in high-end craft shows and exhibits, and is found in many private and corporate collections.  Her work has been published in entitled “1000 Artisan Textiles” , ""The Guild Sourcebook of Residential Art #6"", and in Fiberarts, Surface Design Journal, and Selvedge magazines.  Recently, some of her work was used on the set of the award winning movie “Black Swan”.  

Location:  Montpelier, Vermont, USA 
Blog:  SDA Vermont
   InLiquid Artist Member
   I volunteer as the Vermont area Rep for Surface Design Association 
   Textile Study Group of New York
Languages spoken:  English

Hand woven textile by Karen Henderson

Tags:  fine art, landscape, stitching, tapestry wall pieces, weaving, commissions, textile, fiber,  textile design, surface pattern design


I am a keen knitter, felter and a real fibre enthusiast based near Geelong on the Bellarine Peninsular in Victoria, Australia. I'm a working mum, and have a wonderful daughter and husband.

I love fibre and creating wonderful things in knit and felt.   I started knitting when I was around 12 and then started to knit again around 5 years ago. I like to knit and felt scarves, hats and bags.  I was introduced to the wonderful process of felting in 2010 and love it.   Every felt item in my shop is made using Australian merino wool and is handmade by me. I am a member of the Victorian Feltmakers. 

Artist Statement:  I enjoy using a broad spectrum of colour in fresh and bold designs which you can see in my items. In my felted range of items, I use good quality Australian Merino wool which is very soft (15 - 19 micron) and source my supplies from local farms where possible.
All items made are one of a kind. No one piece is ever the same.

Knitonefelttwo, handcrafted knit & felt for you. :)

Location:   Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Online shop:  knitonefelttwo
Languages spoken:  English

Knit Noro Silk Garden Blanket by knitoneflettwo

Tags:  knitting, felting, fibre art, colour, australian made, local produce, unique, merino wool, creating


My name is Era Hódi (HEra). I'm a Hungarian artisan and textile artist. I live with my family in a small town nearby Szeged, Hungary in the heart of Europe. Since my childhood, I've been fascinated by the colors, folk motifs, mystical and mythical world of wonders. I make modern home furnishings and clothes for everyday wear ​​using traditional techniques and natural materials.  They are  made by pursuing those internal expectations of creating miracles by combining patterns and colors. My style is a little antique and romantic.

Artist statement:  My confession is that the textiles are made with love, soul and heart to help all of us live in harmony in today's hectic world. During the long time of making all the handmade pieces, each one of them becomes filled with thoughts and ideas. Each color has a meaning and each motif has an emotional message. As a result, the textiles are filled with soul.  They are warming, protecting and hugging us.

Location:  Szeged, Hungary, Europe
Online shop:  HEraMade 
Blog:  selyempearl
Languages spoken:  English, Hungarian

Silk Painting by HEraMade

Tags:  colors, natural materials, traditional technique, handmade, folk motifs, mystical, mythical, silk painting, textile painting, freeform hand crocheting

Affaires Nomades

Hi.  My name is Fumika.

I work with textiles, specializing in interior decor. I became interested in textiles while working as a set designer at theatres. I create drawings and work them on to various materials, depending on the object.  I especially like  linen and hemp.

My brand is called “Affaires Nomades” and I got the name from my fascination for the nomadic life.  I want to explore the idea of interior design as a reflection on voyages and nature.  In this way, the question is how to integrate my drawings on to the fabric by using various methods.

The first series of my collection is called "Fragments", original drawing designs made by my self, printed on fabric in France, limited editions.

Care:  Hand wash, first in cold water, then at 30 ° C recommended.
Most of the pillows listed in my Etsy shop include the inserts so that you can use them immediately.  But do not hesitate to ask me if you prefer only the covers to save on shipping.

Artist's statement:  Constant experimentation in seach of new techniques and ideas.  Objects that inspire our dreams.  I want to explore the idea of interior design as a reflection on voyages and nature.

Location:  Paris, France
Online shop:  AffairesNomades
Design site:  fumikadubois
Languages spoken:  Japanese, French, English

Pillow by Affaires Nomades

Tags:   housewares, home decor, cushion, pillow, plaid, rug, placemat, table top

Wendy Mamattah Braid and Stitch

We love to create African Inspired innovative Quilt and Fiber Art as well as contemporary western pieces in the mix.  That is what braidandstitch is all about!

I'm Wendy Mamattah and the owner and CEO of Braid and Stitch and an award winning quilt and fiber artist living in Portland, Oregon. Originally a Journalist from Ghana in West Africa, I have always loved working with fabrics.  As a child in primary school , as early as age five, I often received prizes for needlework instead of English or Geography which made me realize that there was a part inside of me that loved to create.

My work continues to evolve in both subject and technique. Recurring throughout in strong, clear color, texture, visual impact, and meticulous detail. I love the colors of the world as it is. I love the colors that can be imposed on the real world to see it in a new way. The world is enlivened not only by color but also by its textures. I want to get in close and observe the nearly hidden textures of all of the creations of nature. I want to climb up high and see the equally hidden textures of the world as a bird might see it. I want to examine the faces and postures of the people who share the world with me.

My current works which display on this website depict a lot of Africa. I love the vibrant colors of African fabrics and the way they pop to the eye when one looks at them.  Most of my quilts tell a story, and a lot of my stories represent my African heritage which I carry with me everywhere I go.

My quilts have lots of character and dimension as well as a very unique look which are the differences my choices of fabric make.  Beading and painting accentuate my work.

I recently started a pincushion line which I have on my Etsy page, they are called 'Deceptively Yummy Cup Cake Pincushions', a huge 'must have' for sewers, quilters, and hat wearers.  Soon I will have a wearable art line which will also be in ethnic vein.

Artist statement:  The freedom to express what the mind sees as beautiful, whether constructed in fabric or any other art medium, is an amazing gift.  Here at Braid and Stitch we do just that!

Location:  Portland, Oregon, USA
Social Media:   TwitterLinkedIn   
   American Quilters Society
   Northwest Quilters Guild  (Portland, OR)
   Columbia Fiber Arts Guild  (Portland, OR)
Languages spoken:  English

"Beautiful Nonsense" by Wendy Mamattah of Braid and Stitch

Tags:  African inspired, Pincushions, Cupcake pincushions, braidandstitch, needle art, handmade, handcrafted, art quilts, fiber art, art,

Textile Gems TM

Self-employed, together with my husband in our business Textile Gems TM, our handcrafted arts business--founded in 2002--creates jewelry and home decor items from vintage ethnic textiles.  Generally, we sell
wholesale to museum shops but we also do a few retail shows during
May and October each year, here in New York City.

We are also avid collectors of unique vintage and and antique ethnic textiles from around the globe. 

Our newest venture is Textile Gems TM Greeting Cards, and our card lines currently include 32 blank cards showcasing some of our favorite textile crops photographed from our collections.  You can see them on this page.

Artist statement:  Our mantra is:   "Celebrating the Fibers of our Multicultural Lives."

This can be literal or interpretive.  We love presenting uniquely beautiful textile crops in close-up formats which both showcase their artistry and also act as charming visual portals to learning about other cultures.

Location:  New York, New York, USA
Online shop:  textilegems
Social media:  LinkedIn
Languages spoken:  English, Spanish

Textile Gems: preserving damaged textiles in jewelry, home decor, and cards.

Tags:   ethnic textile jewelry, ethnic textile greeting cards, kimono, japanese, embroidery, asian, oriental, floral, birds, hmong

Sally Gould Wright Quilt Artist

I began my quilting life in the mid 1990s when inspired by Alex Anderson on Simply Quilts. I thought,  "Why not make a quilt for my son's bed?"  I was hooked. Soon my background in art history and the decorative arts led me to leave more traditional quilting patterns behind in favor of a more personal expression. I love the instant response I see when people view my quilts. I believe that art quilts can add so much to a home or office environment and working closely with a client on a commission is one of my favorite modes of communication.  

Artist statement:  As an artist, I am especially drawn to color and texture which I use to create images in cloth. The natural world, decorative art and architecture all inspire my work.  I usually use my own sketches and photographs as the basis for my quilt designs. My work is mostly representational and incorporates multiple techniques including piecing, applique' and textile paints to fulfill my vision.  I also use embellishments: hand beading, textile trim and yarns.  I'm especially interested in free motion machine quilting to add detail, depth and dimension to my work.

Location:  Los Angeles, California, USA
Online shop:  sallyquilts
Blog:  sallygouldwright 
Membership:  Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists  
Languages spoken:  English , some French

"Stairway to Heaven", Art Quilt by Sally Gould Wright

Three Sheep Studio

My name is Rose Clay.  I am a wool artist with a passion for wool textiles, hand embroidery and traditional wool rug hooking.

I enjoy experimenting with color and hand dyeing soft 100% wool fabric.  Wool is a natural and renewable resource and handles beautifully with the various techniques I use.  I also enjoy the hunt for unique and beautiful woolens.  I use a combination of different wool textiles in my designs.  I will often use crystals, glass beads and semi-precious stones to embellish my pillows, wall hangings and table runners.

I also design Patterns and Kits that incorporate wool fabric.  My designs are original from conception to finished product.

All my work is inspired, created and completed by me, in my Studio, in historic Lititz, Pennsylvania.  My items are also available at ThreeSheepStudio.

Artist statement:  I enjoy the step by step process of "Handmade".
It allows me to slow down, experiment with techniques and ideas and take them to the next level.
My inspiration comes in moments of quietness and the simple beauty of nature.

Location:  Lititz, Pennyslvania, USA
Languages spoken:  English

Wool Rug Hooking by Three Sheep Studio

Tags: Hand Dyed Wool, Hand Embroidery, Felted Wool Fabric, Applique, Textile Supplies, Embellishment, Wool Rug Hooking, Pillows, Wall Hangings, Patterns/Kits

HandBEHG Felts

Hand-felted wool balls, adornments and kits are a whimsical touch of fiber for art quilt projects, jewelry and bead, mixed-media art, wearable fiber art accessories and more.  HandBEHG Felts....a project waiting to happen!

We sell thru our shop on Etsy and through independent resellers

Location:  St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Online shop:  HandbehgFELTS
Languages spoken:  English

Felted Wool Balls and Kits available from HandBEHG Felts.

Tags:   felt balls, felts, fiber, fiber art, ball, wool, bead, embellishment, adornments, kits


My name is Nicolette Ludvig. I live in Győr, Hungary, in the heart of Europe, halfway between Budapest and Vienna. It is 20 years now that I’ve been exploring the secret of colours. I do sewing, knitting, crocheting… and I’m passionately interested in whatever is made of yarn and textile. Lately, I’ve been enthralled by crocheting circles and varying the colours of the yarn. Then I make these circles into small artifacts: key-rings, brooches, purses, pouches, bags and so on. I use threads not only for knitting and crocheting. I like to twist them into spirals and sew them on to a woolen felt base. Exciting things are born this way right between my hands. Click here to read a nice blog article with a story about how my day goes.

Artist statement:  Welcome to the world of colours... COLETTECOLOR expresses that me and the colours are inseparable companions.  All inspired by that which is color and round. I’m exploring the secret of colours while my imagination is captured by round forms and spirals. Creation makes me overjoyed -- and all this to make You happy, too! 

Location:  Győr, Hungary
Online shop:  colettecolor 
Languages spoken:  English, Hungarian 

Circular pouch by colletecolor from Hungary


Tags:  textile art, fiber art, free style machine embroidery, handmade, circle, colorful, felted, crocheted, nature, recycling,

Kathie Briggs

My love of fabrics began when I made my own dress for a 7th grade party. Over the years I’ve enjoyed sewing fashion and home dec projects and designing fiber art dolls but my passion is creating textile artwork inspired by the flora and fauna of northern Michigan where every season bring new wonders.

I am fascinated by the interplay of color, form and texture.  My artwork sometimes includes tactile elements like beading and layering as well as dimensional components such as wired leaves.  I enjoy combining my own hand-dyed and painted fabric with a wide variety of commercial fabrics. 

My work has been exhibited in galleries, art centers and at national and international quilt shows; and has been featured in books and magazines. I am a member of, the Charlevoix Circle of Arts, the Crooked Tree Art Center, and the Jordan River Arts Center, and a professional artist member of the Studio Art Quilt Associates.

In addition to my artwork I offer a variety of art workshops including "Creating Strong Compositions" and "Capturing the Muse," as well as several art doll workshops.

Artist's statement:   It's the visual and tactile texture of fabric enhanced by the impression made by the stitch that induces me to create art with fiber.

Location:  Charlevoix, Michigan, USA
Blog:  kathiebriggs
Other social media:  LinkedIn 
   Studio Art Quilt Associates
   Fiber Artists Coalition
Languages spoken:  English

"Polyphemus Moth", 40" x 28", by Kathie Briggs

"Heron on a Stump",  28"x 40", by Kathie Briggs

Tags:  Textile Art, Fiber Art, Art Quilts, Art Dolls, Nature, Layers, Seasons, Wildlife, Michigan

Linda A. Miller

I am a fiber artist with a love of cloth, color, movement, texture…and the desire to share beauty with others.  I also have an ongoing community project:  The Bhavana Project, based on Tibetan prayer flags. Please visit!  The third set of flags is currently in progress.
Artist statement:  I came to quilt making in the 1990’s with a varied background in fine arts and textiles.  A love of fabric made the fiber arts medium an easy choice once I realized that drawing, painting or printmaking skills could be added to quilting.  The desire to slow down and feel the cloth beneath my fingers continually nudges me back to my roots in hand work, especially embroidery, which I incorporate into my pieces.  I thrive on the unpredictability of the art making process, and find manipulating the fabric surface with paint, water, heat or thread a wonderful way to play.  This layering technique stretches not only the cloth’s textural potential, but my creative visualization.   
My imagery is inspired by flowing water, the power of the sun, or the interplay between dynamic movement and stillness.  Inspiration is linked to being present in the moment.  For me, creative practice and meditation practice go hand in hand.  Both ground and nourish my journey of discovery.  In turn, I delight in sharing what I have learned with others so that they can also open to their unique creative voice.

Location:  Culver City, CA,  USA
Other social media:  LinkedIn
   Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)
   Surface Design Association
   Quilts on the Wall
Languages spoken:  English, some German

Fluid Fissure 2 by Linda A. Miller

Tags:  water, flow, sun, embroidered, paint, energy, hand work, prayer flags


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