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Quilted Artworks- Marcia H. Eygabroat

"All the Time in the World" by Marcia H. Eygabroat

I am a nationally recognized award winning quilt artist, known for my extremely detailed architectural quilts. My quilts have traveled in the Tactile Architecture portion of the Houston Quilt show.  I  have, among other awards, won "Best Workmanship" in "Expressions", a Ricky Tims sponsored show.  I have been published in national magazines and books.

Having recently built a new studio, I am teaching my quilting techniques.

Artist Statement:  As a left - handed art major in college many years ago, I realized I got dirty while creating most art.  Being meticulous, until being introduced to quilting in the late 1990's; I did not pursue many artistic endeavors.  Since then, I have been consumed by quilting.

My quilting techniques and subject matter have evolved since receiving my first of many digital cameras.  My camera and laptop have been the starting point of each quilted creation.  I start with a photograph and edit it with computer software.

Architectural quilts are my passion.  I love the way lights and shadows play across these structures.  It is a challenge to recreate the perspective of these objects.  I use commercial cottons, cut into tiny pieces fused by "puzzle piecing" each next to each other.  This method lets me show the greatest detail of the architecture and I find it quite challenging.

I have been using this technique in my latest quilts. "Puzzle piecing" is also perfectly suited for portraits and still lives.

Canandaigua, New York, USA
Online store:  Quilted Artworks
Memberships: Studio Art Quilt Associates, Quiltart, RAFA
Languages spoken: English

"Time for Tea on the Veranda" 
by Marcia H. Eygabroat

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Tags:  quilt art, fiber art, architectural quilts, art quilt, portrait quilts, nature, farming, people, flowers, floral, houses, buildings, landscape

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-Henry David Thoreau

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