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From childhood I loved art. I love to draw, paint, embroider, felt. I mix the different techniques together to achieve a goal and then I am pleased. The idea surrounds me until I have implemented it or I will not have peace. I enjoy making special projects for custom orders.  I see this world as a beautiful garden, in full bloom, bright in winter and in summer. So are my creations - bright as paint, showing the strength from the earth and the spirit of nature.

I am inspired by lands, where I have been, the people I met and the seasons!

I opened up an Etsy store and it fascinates me - my creations have traveled to so many countries!. I love this way of traveling around the world and I hope that this is just the beginning of my journey...  And who knows?  Maybe my creations will travel to you!

Artist's statement:  With my creations I try to make people closer to beauty of nature!  I enjoy flowers, fog in the meadow, dew on a cobweb, rhythm in trees... I try to use it all in my work!  I like to be close to nature - it inspires me to create things which reminds me about beauty of nature!
I embroider and felt, sew by hand and with the sewing machine. I like to experiment with embroidery by using freehand embroidering techniques and I like to mix different styles and materials (felt, beads, wool, linen etc.).

Location:  Latvia
Online shop:  Indrasideas 
Languages spoken:  Latvian, Russian, English

Needle-felted pillow cover by Indras Ideas

Tags:  Needle felted; journal; book; embroidery; fiber art; appliqued; accessories; pillow; wall hanging, box

Hedgehog Hiker

The Hedgehog Hiker Story:

These pants are made with soft waterproof breathable fabric and partially lined with recycled cotton  t-shirts. The combination
keeps your little baby dry and warm.  I designed these pants after
noticing that my baby’s legs were always wet and cold during our
Portland winter walks.  All the pant legs would become too short
when sitting in a stroller or hiking back pack.

Hedgehog Hiker pants are designed to fit extra long.  For everyday use, wear the folded cuff up. When it is time to venture outdoors, wear the cuff down. This extra couple inches really helps keep little ankles cozy and provides parents confidence to enjoy some fresh air.  There is an adjustable waistband and awesome big pocket for treasures.

A sustainable product and business;  “Hedgehog Hiker” pants are made using material milled in the USA, recycled fibers, and eco-friendly print methods. 80% of the materials are purchased from vendors in the Pacific Northwest.

So grab a pair and get outside! 

Available at:

Milagros Boutique, NE 33rd  (Portland, OR)
Piccolina, 26th and Clinton  (Portland, OR)
Polliwog  (Portland, OR)
Bug a Boo of Ashland  (Ashland, OR)
Bambini of Eugene  (Eugene, OR)

Artist's statement:  My name is Emily Purdin of “Hedgehog Hiker”, hiking clothes for children. The “Hedgehog Hiker” clothing brand is designed to keep children dry, active, and comfortable. As a textile artist, I felt compelled to make a product that is 100 % unique. Every last detail has been designed by me, right down to the printed fabric. My customers really appreciate this attention to detail. Best of all, the clothing  is made specifically for the rainy Pacific Northwest! You know if it works here, it will wear well anywhere!  Thanks for continuing to support locally made and sustainable products.

(No hedgehogs have been tested in the making of these clothes.)

Emily Purdin
Seamstress & Proprietor

Location:  Portland, Oregon, USA
Online shops:
   Hedgehog Hiker
Blog:  hedgehoghiker
Social Media:  my.contactme 
Membership:  CRAVE of Portland, OR
Languages spoken:  English

Tags:  Kids, Baby, Pants, Raincoat, Outerwear, Portland, Patterns

Ann Robinson, a.r.t.

After many years of teaching and advising students on campuses including the University of Wisconsin and Stanford, budget cuts left me without a classroom. Finally, I could focus full time on my inherent artistic interests dyeing and weaving yarn.

Today I design and weave one-of-a-kind textiles using traditional looms, respecting and preserving an ancient form of art. I have four looms in my home studio and use only natural fibers: cotton, silk, tencel (fiber made from wood), bamboo and soy.

My website,, serves as a gallery and as a direct communication link. The interactive process between the artist and the interested party begins with a communication (personal, telephone, email) outlining what s/he has in mind, a piece on the site or a custom option.

Artist's statement:  My goal is to teach the art of weaving to as many people as possible because weaving teaches us much more than how to make cloth. Learning to weave provides focus and discipline and allows us to practice patience and endurance. These skills, I believe, are necessary to maintain one's sanity in this chaotic world.

Location:  Sacramento, California, USA
   Handweavers Guild of America
   Sacramento Weavers and Spinners Guild
   Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts 
Languages spoken:  English

Hand woven scarves and textiles by Ann Robinson.

Lente Julcsi

My name is Júlia Lente.I live in the heart of Europe, in Hungary with my family.

I inherited the love of sewing from my Great-grandmother: she was a seamstress. At first I made toys and blankets.  Today I mainly create jewelry, bags and other accessories.  My creations are usually made from fabric and felt and are embellished with embroidery, beads and crocheting.  I love to have a needle in my hand and a thimble on my finger and I am delighted when I can create. I like bright colours, soft lines, the shiny and smooth surface of beads and the touch of yarn and fabrics. My work is inspired by nature, colours, shapes and feelings.

I think recycling is very important therefore I often work with used but high quality materials, thus protecting the environment.


Location:  Maklár, Hungary, Europe
Online shop:  LenteJulcsi
Languages spoken:  Hungarian, English

Embroidered Jewelry and Accessories by Lente Julcsi, Hungary

Tags:   needlecraft, recycling, handmade, wool felt, freeform hand crocheting, free machine embroidery, home decor

Peggy Brown

"The Landscape Within", Art Quilt by Peggy Brown

Even though I paint and quilt for myself - for the challenge and joy of it - I know that visual art must be seen to be heard and true fulfillment comes when someone else unites with my vision and becomes a part of my marks on paper or fabric.

What began as a hobby around 40 years ago soon became an obsession and then a profession as my work began receiving recognition in Juried Exhibitions.  This led to gallery representation  and purchase by many public and private collectors.  Cheered on by my husband, Jim, and our three sons, I participated and sold in quite a few of the major Art Fairs and Festivals.  I have been asked  to demonstrate and  teach many workshops in the United States and Canada. I no longer travel to exhibit and sell, but my work is shown in several galleries, museums and on my web site:

Artist's statement:  My studio time is divided between "paintings on paper" and my newer obsession, "paintings on fabric."  I approach my art quilts from the viewpoint of a watercolor artist and use the same media and methods I used for years when painting on paper.  

To begin, I wet the substrate, then freely brush on paint letting the pigments mingle and follow their personal paths as they dry.  This process is repeated several times for more depth and richness.  After drying the marks on the paper or fabric inspire and help me choose a way to continue and complete the image.  

My goal is to take a free-flowing start; and using collage, overlays of more pigment and drawing, compose a well-designed finish.   At times, using treated fabric, I make inkjet transfers from my original paintings, then reconstruct the transfers into a new design. I try to express images that are on, above and below the surface.  By keeping each painted layer transparent, I invite the viewer to follow as I work and perceive the process from tentative beginnings to the final touch.  Some of my beginnings become non-objective abstracts, some become landscapes or still life.

Location:  Nashville, Indiana, USA
   Studio Art Quilt Associates
   Surface Design Association
   International Quilting Association
Languages spoken:  English

"Another Form", Art Quilt by Peggy Brown

Tags:  painting, quilting, fiber art, surface design, abstract, landscapes


Need yarn?  Got yarn....

Handspun, hand dyed yarn from the fiber animals at Knox Farm State Park in East Aurora NY---and other animals raised with love and care.

Spinning for the new age: organic fiber, natural colors, eco-friendly dyes, hand processing, local shepherds, rare breeds, evolving techniques, online sales, compostable mailers, social media networking.

KnoxFarmFiber is the founder and an active supporter of the Western New York Fiber Festival. This festival was first held in 2005 and has grown to include fiber artists and fiber guilds throughout the region. Its focus is on fiber education for the public and networking opportunities for artists.

-Judith Bunn

Location:  Buffalo, New York, USA
   Genesee Valley Handspinners
   On Etsy:   Etsy FAST, etsy Knitters, ecoetsy
Languages spoken:  English

Handspun, hand dyed yarns from KnoxFarmFiber.

Dottie, Norma, Louise and Thelma.  The girls at KnoxFarmFiber.

Tags:  yarn, handspun, hand dyed, corespun, lockspun, wool, mohair, organic, bulky, natural colors, art yarn


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