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TAFA's New Website

TAFA has outgrown its Blogger platform and is working on a state-of-the-art website full of great features.  These include having a powerful search engine with image-based results and tools for both its members and the community at large.  We campaigned on IndieGoGo to raise the funds for the new site.

The fundraiser succeeded because TAFA members jumped in and made it happen.  There were only a few non-members who contributed and they are greatly appreciated!  The new site will not only benefit our members but the whole handmade textile and fiber art community.

We do have a prototype for the new site ready:

This is the first draft, so changes will be made, but we all agree that we are headed in the right direction.  Many thanks to Nathan Brown and his team at Horizon Media Group for their excellent work!

We also have a temporary marketplace for TAFA, until the new site goes live:

Click on images and they take you to the member's website.  It is a wonderful display of our member products and a good preview of what our new site will look like.  You will find art quilts, weavings, accessories, apparel, supplies and more.  Many thanks to Aynex Designs for setting this up for us.  If you need a new website or graphic design services, consider using her.

Thanks to our Donors!

TAFA's future is bright!  Our mission, "Markets for Members" will truly become possible through the new website.  And, the website was made possible by all who donated through the IndieGoGo Campaign.  Our goal to raise $5,000 was met and even exceeded: we ended at $5,345.  This process was a long one, but one that emphasized how people can come together to make things happen.  TAFA is really the sum of its parts and each of its members contributes something unique that strengthens the rest of the group.  See more about the new site on this page.

If you wish to continue supporting us in our work, become a sponsor!  Advertising on TAFA will help us expand our reach.  More info:  Sponsor page.

Many, many thanks to all who donated to make our new website a reality!  Without you, this process would have taken much longer.  With you, we have a wonderful story of people who came together and made it happen.  A virtual barn raising!  Visitors to this page will certainly enjoy visiting the sites of those who contributed.  TAFA members have their name linked to their Member Profile and then a link to one of their sites.  Enjoy!

$215 Donors   

Fábio de Souza Molés (Fabio has a furniture factory in Panama, no website.)  

 The Loaded Trunk, TAFA Member

OmMadeThreads, TAFA Member

(donated $200)  TAFA Member:  Website

 Candace Casey, Website

 Coco Kulkarni, TAFA Member: Shop

TAFA Member:  Website (donated $200)

Betty Busby, TAFA Member, Shop

TAFA Member:  Website

 Margaret Wheeler, TAFA Member:

$150 Donors

$100 Donors
TAFA Member:  Website

Dakini Dreams, TAFA Member

 Folkwear, TAFA Member Website

 Bernie Rowell   
TAFA Member Website

Jane Deane   
TAFA Member:  Website

 Inside Outside Art
TAFA Member Shop  

Rachel Edwards Ridder, TAFA Supporter 

 Oshiwa Designs
TAFA Member Etsy Shop

Plumfish Creations  
TAFA Member:  Shop

Gerrie Congdon, TAFA Member  

 Goose Tracks Quilts
TAFA Member Website

 Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts  
TAFA Member, Website

 Castilleja Cotton
TAFA Member Website

 Linda's Art Quilts  
TAFA Member:  Shop

 Gilgulim, TAFA Member: Shop

$70 Donors

 Arlee Barr, TAFA Member: Website



$50 Donors 
Alison Yule Textiles, TAFA Member:
Website  (Donated $60)

 Afghan Tribal Arts
TAFA Member   Website

Fabricadabra, TAFA Member:

 Lotta Helleberg, TAFA Member Website

 Heather Lair, TAFA Member Etsy Shop

 Pedro Gaytan, Chosen Link:  Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago Migrant Worker Problems

FiberFelter, TAFA Member
Etsy Shop

  Sherryl Buchler, TAFA Member, Blog

 Angel Fire Designs, TAFA Member Website

 Terry Aske Art Quilts, TAFA Member Shop

 Diane Evans, TAFA Member Shop

  Cameron Taylor-Brown, TAFA Member: Website

kimonoboy, TAFA Member: website

 Floris Flam, TAFA Member: Website

 rensfibreart, TAFA Member:  Blog

 Linda Robertus, TAFA Member: Shop


$30 Donors   

Brenda Abdullah, TAFA Member, Shop  

Ariane Mariane, TAFA Member, Shop 

$25 Donors   

$20 Donors    

Helen Klebesadel, TAFA Member:  Website

Botanical Colors, TAFA Member:  Website

LFN Textiles, TAFA Member:  Shop

MayaMam Weavers, TAFA Member:  Shop

Pamela Penney Textile Arts, TAFA Member: Website  

Nothing But String, TAFA Member: Shop

Graphic Threads, TAFA Member: Shop  

Diana Bracy, TAFA Member:  Shop

 Threads of Peru, TAFA Member:  Website  

Meg Weaves, TAFA Member:  Blog

Steve Hill, Chosen Link:  Homeless Persons Representation Project

Little Mango Imports, TAFA Member:  Website

Victoria Gertenbach, TAFA Member:  Shop 

   Julia Berkley, TAFA Member:  Website

Peggy Dlugos, TAFA Member:  Shop

Colin's Creatures, TAFA Member:  Shop  

Terri Stegmiller, TAFA Member:  Shop

Zamirte, TAFA Member:  Shop  

Helen Klebesadel, TAFA Member:  Shop

David Lucht and Stefanie Graves, TAFA Member:  Website  

Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance,  TAFA Member: Website

Morna Crites-Moore, Fiber Artist:  Blog

Papaver Vert, TAFA Member:  Shop

Dijanne Cevaal, TAFA Member:  Blog


$10 Donors 
Sandy, Supporter

Undisclosed Donations
TAFA Member:  Website  

Marble-T Design  TAFA Member:  Website  

Patricia Kearns 
DBK Design Arts  TAFA Member:  Shop  

Sally Manke Fiber Artist, TAFA Member:  Shop  

Lorie McCown, TAFA Member:  Shop  


Donna Loraine Contractor

TAFA Member:  Website


Sunflower Design, TAFA Member: Website


Fabrique Fantastique, TAFA Member:  Shop  


Feltwerker, TAFA Member:  Website


 Susan M. Hinckley, TAFA Member: Website  



 Siamese Dream Designs, TAFA Member: Website


  1. Congratulations on JOB WELL DONE! Looking good all the way around. The muse has spoken.

  2. Thank you, Mary! We're hard at work at getting the data together for the new site. I can't wait until it is up. This one will be our legacy, our reminder of our pioneer days.... Woo hoo!


“Drive a nail home and clinch it so faithfully that you can wake up in the night and think of your work with satisfaction,- a work at which you would not be ashamed to invoke the Muse”
-Henry David Thoreau

In our case, it would be the needle or other fiber tool. Drive it home! And, we all thank you for your words, left here to these good folks. Invoke your Muse!


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