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Hello, I'm Bernadette. As a teenager I learned to sew and was educated as a crafts teacher.  I worked for years with a collective where we sold our own designs and unique lady's clothing.  To have an outlet for my creativity my next logical step was to start working for a circus and design and make costumes.

Around 1990 I started to knit and crochet again, in my free time. I learned it at a very young age from my mother.  I found this so inspirational that I opened my Etsy shop in 2008 to have a place to share my creations.  I make shawls, shrugs and capelets. In my newest creations, I insert pearls.

While I knit or crochet, all kinds of ideas pop up in my head.  Inspired by color, yarn or a texture from my enviroment. I also convert my designs to patterns.

Artist's statement:  I love the magic when with only a hook, two needles and yarn something beautiful arises.

Location:  Groningen, The Netherlands
Online shops:
Memberships:  Ravelry
Languages spoken:  Dutch, English and German 

Pearl Shawl by Berniolie

Tags:  Knitting, crochet, shawls, shrugs, patterns, gems, yarn, thread, accessories, unique

Susan Shinnick Textiles and Clothing

I have been making clothing and textiles for 20 years.
I hand dye and hand print my textiles. I create my own silk screens using images of prairie plants, birds and other patterns.  I also knit, sometimes with my hand dyed yarns.

I have a studio and store in the charming little town of West Branch, Iowa, about 10 minutes from Iowa City where I live.

I am currently open limited hours so that I can keep making stuff.

Artist's statement:  I am a maker.  I like to create beautiful things to wear and use.

Location:  Iowa City, Iowa, USA
Online Shop:  susanshinnick
Brick and mortar shop:  West Branch, Iowa, about 10 minutes from Iowa City.
Languages spoken:   English

Coat:  Assembled from vintage quilt blocks, over dyed, 
printed and quilted, all by Susan Shinnick

Tags:  hand dyed, hand printed, screen printed, linen, silk, clothing, functional, variegation, pattern


I am IngerMaaike and fiber is my medium. All kinds of fiber: from silk to leather, from cotton to wool and everything in between. 
I sew clothes from my own designs, knit on my very old and trusty knitting machine (again designing everything myself), felt luxurious scarves and home decor, spin yarn, dye fabric, silk and wool and have even been seen to construct leather boots, which I still wear to this day.   :)
In all of my endeavours one thing has always been the main focus: the very best materials. This is what drove me to start creating for myself:  I could not afford what I desired, so there was no option but to learn to make it myself.

Over the years, my skills have expanded to cover a range of fiber which gives me the chance to combine and expand the knowledge further with each passing moment.  Each day brings me new joy in creating.  I love what I do as well as sharing the knowledge I have built up over the years.

Artist's statement:  To learn and to always be open to new experiences, to share beauty and smiles.

Location:  SørFron, Oppland, Norway
Online shop:  ingermaaike
Blog:  ingermaaike
Other social media:  Tumblr, Twitter  
Languages spoken:  Dutch, English, Norwegian

 Felted shawl by IngerMaaike

Tags:  fiber, felt, wool, fabric, silk, handdyed, nuno, scarf, art, nature

Goose Tracks Quilts

I made my first quilt in the early 1980's - a simple traditional design using fabric squares individually cut from templates, hand pieced and hand quilted. In 1992 I started my business, Goose Tracks Quilts, making traditional quilts and quilted accessories. 

In 1999 I created my website and my business evolved into making primarily custom memory and memorial quilts.  Over the years, I've made quilts for people all over the United States and around the world. 

Artist's Statement:  While I enjoy working with people to create custom one of a kind quilts, I have an increasing interest in learning the design elements and construction techniques that go into making art quilts.  I look forward to developing my skills and creating my own designs in fiber art.

Location:  Broadalbin, New York, USA
Online shops:  
Other social media:  Twitter
Languages spoken:  English

 Memory Quilts by Goose Tracks Quilts

Tags:  memory quilts, wall, baby and lap quilts, New York, custom design, consignment, made to order

Dorthe K Rasmussen

Hello.  I was born and raised with my mother's tailoring shop.  Work with fabric and textile techniques have always fascinated and attracted me. 

In 2006 I published the book ""Ornaments and Oomph"" where you can see more on my work. I have had a creative workshop since 2007, where people come and work with the craft items they want. I freelance, participate in fairs -in the hobby - textile company and magazine.  I especially love to work with textile techniques and constantly explore new combinations and develop working methods. 

I also design prom and bridal accessories for guests - individual pieces to order. Feel free to contact me if you think there is anything I can help you with. Information about what I do - if you want to work with a thing, or something you want me to design.

Last but not least, if you plan to visit South Denmark, come and visit my workshop!  It is located at a campsite, so you can also go camping for a night or several weeks. When you're campers, you work for free at the workshop - you only pay for your material consumption ;-)
Hugs, Dorthe

Artist's Statement:  I work / love / is ....   as non-commercial as possible.
I attempt to recycle and care for the consumption of materials as much as possible, with the intention of using even the smallest remnants.  I am outgoing and friendly, open as a creative soul who enjoys contact with others with similar interests.

Location:  Årøsund, Haderslev, Denmark
Blog:  gammelbro
Languages spoken:  Danish, "reasonable" English, and a little German 

"Ornaments and Oomph" by Dorthe K. Rasmussen

Tags: Felting, flowers, silk, wool, fabric manipulation, workshops, author

Barbara Harms - Asian Art And Quilts

I'm a quilt artist in the beautiful state of Oregon.
I was a painter for years but have transitioned to fiber art.
I opened an Etsy shop and although it has been open less than a year, I have had some success and appreciation for what I am doing. Several museums have contacted me about my art. I get lot of emails from people who enjoy it.

I have my own distinct style and viewpoint.
I gravitate towards vibrant color and the strong design of abstract art.

Artist's statement:  I love bold color and the way different combinations make each color Pop when they come together. I like the strong statement of abstract art.  It is so wonderful to be able to do what you love and receive some recognition for it!

Location:  Dallas, Oregon, USA
Online shop:  AsianArtAndQuilts 
Languages spoken:  English

Art Quilt by Barbara Harms, "Jelly Fish"

Tags:  abstract, art quilt, silk painting, textile, quilts, modern, fiber


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