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Fiber Artist – recycling wool sweaters into wool felt; flower pins, fingerless gloves, scarves, pincushions, etc;

Felt making maniac since 2006. Denise has been drawn to making things since she first learned to knit at 10 years of age.

With an old washing machine, simple sewing machine and crochet hook she creates a myriad of felted objects with the intention of marrying beauty to function.

Denise can be found exhibiting her work throughout Chicagoland.

Artist's statement:  To create beautiful functional everyday objects.

Upcycling sweaters into felted objects satisfies Denise's desire to help the planet and work with beautiful natural fiber.

She strives to minimize waste and packaging in her business and uses recycled paper whenever possible.

Location:  Chicago, Illinois, USA
Online shops:
   feltwerker  (Etsy)
   feltwerker  (Artfire)
Blog:  feltwerker
Social media:  Twitter
Languages spoken:  English, Spanish

Recycled sweaters into accessories by Feltwerker.

Tags:  recycled, fiber, wool, felt, accessories, flower pins, brooches, felted wool, fingerless gloves, flower pin kit

Siamese Dream Design

Welcome to our world of original ethnic textiles. Cultural skills passed down generation to generation, creating amazing works of art. Weaving, batik, embroidery, beautiful fabrics repurposed into wearable livable art. Siamese Dream Design takes great pride in helping to empower indigenous women provide financial security to their families while maintaining their unique traditions.

Mission:  To provide unique high quality products to the world with respect for the diverse cultures that produce them and with the highest level of customer service.

Location:  Chiang Mai, Thailand
Online shops:  
Social media:  LinkedIn
Languages spoken:  English, Thai

Repurposed Hmong embroidered & batik moccasin boots- Siamese Dream Design

Tags:  tribal embroidery, batik, appliqué, re-purposed, handmade, colorful, shoes, boots, clothing

Mary Pal Designs

My passion for fiber art and my love of texture has led me to creating portraits using cheesecloth.  It brings me such pleasure to meet people who want to collect my work, to enjoy it in their homes.  I also enjoy teaching fiber art students how to use my technique to create their own pieces.

Artist's statement:  Sculpting a portrait in wet cheesecloth is a slow process, and in the act of creation, I develop a relationship to the figure as I work on the features and contemplate the line of a mouth, a raised eyebrow, creases around the eyes. The positive and negative space created by light and shadow, and how these can be depicted through the contrast of cheesecloth over a dark background, intrigue me. 

Location:  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
   Board member, Studio Art Quilt Associates
   Member, Surface Design Association
Social Media:  LinkedIn
Languages spoken:  Canuck  (English) 

"Memories of Gombe", Jane Goodall Art Quilt by Mary Pal

"Nereids", Textile by Mary Pal Designs

"Homeless Love"  Cheesecloth Textile by Mary Pal

Tags:  cheesecloth, portraits, fiber art, art quilts, textile art

Eileen Doughty / Doughty Designs

"Tree Tea", Sculptural Threadwork by Doughty Designs

Studio fiber artist.  I create free-standing three-dimensional fiber art made of thread (once I realized I loved thread so much, I figured out how to drop out the fabric).   I also create landscape art quilts (with lots of threadwork). 

I founded Doughty Designs in 1991 and have been creating commissioned work in the textile medium ever since.  From 2002-06 I was a regional co-representative for Studio Art Quilts Associates and am now the Website Coordinator. I have taught and lectured on various aspects of art quilts in several states.  My work is in private, public, and corporate collections, and has been exhibited on five continents. 

My work is available at Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery  (Alexandria, Virginia), Mobilia Gallery  (Cambridge, Massachusetts), and at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia's Museum Shop (Virginia Beach, Virginia).

Artist's statement:  I love the concept of ""place"" and so my preferred subject matter is the landscape.  Often my inspiration (and sometimes even my materials) comes from the trees I know so well, in my own yard and neighborhood. Currently my work focuses on exploring what makes fiber art so unique: texture, freedom of shape of the ""canvas,"" and employing three rather than two dimensions.

After creating art quilts for many years, particularly utilizing thread-sketching techniques to ""draw"" on the surface, I came to realize that I love thread even more than I love fabric.  This led to my exploration of machine-stitching sculptural objects made only of thread.

Location:  Vienna, Virginia, USA
Languages:  English, American Sign Language

"Maple Basket", Sculptural Threadwork by Doughty Designs

Tags:  fiber art, thread sculpture, three-dimensional fiber, teapot, teapot set, bowl, vessel, stitched cotton thread, fine art, Doughty Designs

Galería Octágono

I am a textile creator who believes in the power of community involvement.  My gallery ( is a community-based collective atop the northern mountains in Costa Rica, where I work with seven women and their families.  I provide materials, design, and educational opportunities as well as an equitable distribution of proceeds.  All our work is handmade, free-style, and original.  My husband, Rich, and I enjoy practicing alternative tourism as a B&B, and our log cabin is available to travelers wishing a personalized experience in Costa Rica.

Artist's statement:  There is no limit to the versatility of textiles. Learning and experimentation allow me to be aware and keep myself open to change. To be creative I must lose fear of being wrong. To be correct I must make sure that my art has social projection.

-Silvia Piza-Tandlich

Location:  San Rafael de Heredia, Costa Rica
Online shop:  galeria octagono

Social media:  LinkedIn
   SDA (Surface Design Association)   
Languages spoken:  Spanish, English   

Quilt with Argentine theme, by Silvia Piza-Tandlich, 2010, Costa Rica

"Tuki" quilt, by Silvia Piza-Tandlich, 2009, Costa Rica

Dianne Koppisch Hricko

Love of color, the sense of translucent depth and the surprise of the unexpected have fueled my re-entry to dyeing silk. I have spent the last few years working with a variety of printmaking techniques prior to succumbing to the urge to once again make textiles. The images are produced through a variety of resist printmaking and direct painting techniques using dyes and discharges. The richness and variety of silk surfaces, sometimes combined with stitching and fusing, is endlessly fascinating to me.

Location:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Online shops: 
   DianneKoppischHricko   (Etsy)
   dkoppisch (Samples)
Blog:  notesfrom207
Social media:  facebook  (personal page)
   Surface Design Association
Languages spoken:  English

Silk Wearables by Dianne Koppisch Hricko

Tags:  wearables, silk, elegant, kimono, scarves, quilted wall hangings, handwork, prints, hand dyed, one of a kind,

Kim Buchheit

As the owner and Creative Director of Buchheit Creative Services, Kim offers a full complement of design and marketing services to clients all over the country. From art direction and graphic design, to corporate identity and branding, she brings over twenty years of professional experience to every project.

Over the past few years she has developed and produced a line of fine art and fine craft items including felted sculptures, wearable art, and unique home decor items; many available online. Most recently Kim has created a collection of surface designs for use in apparel, home textiles, or gift and paper goods markets. This collection is ideal for interior designers, publishers, product developers, or retail customers looking for unique and/or custom fabric and repeat patterns.

Artist's statement:  I'm a designer and mixed-media artist living and working in Grand Canyon National Park. I love making items for gift and home that delight others and celebrate our natural world. The forest is my muse and the canyon is a constant inspiration. I am most happy when working with my hands and do so in gratitude.

As an artist, I am constantly developing new problems to solve in the studio. I love the creative process and allow my art to continually grow and change. This way of working is as organic as my chosen subject matter. While professionally I'd like to get more of my surface designs into the marketplace, I'll continue to explore in the studio with fiber and paint. Everything seems to inform everything else in a life, so the plan is to just keep loving, living and making!

Location:  Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
Online shops:
   kbuchheit  (etsy)
   Repeats So Sweet  (spoonflower)
Languages spoken:  English

Felted Pods by Kim Buchheit  (Wildly Woolly)

Tags:  fiber art, wool, felted wool, fiber artist, kim buchheit, wildly woolly, textiles for the home, wool sculpture, handmade, felted bracelets, eco-friendly gifts

The Rainbow Girl

Contemporary Blue 'broderie anglais' (detail)
I learnt to dye my own fabrics and threads when studying for my City and Guilds level 3 diploma in Embroidery. I loved using them so much that I decided to sell some of them to other like minded people.

I now dye a variety of  cotton fabrics, viscose/wool felt, embroidery threads, silk carrier rods and lace to sell to other embroiderers and textile/fibre artists from my shop on Etsy. I find the combinations of colours which occur during the dyeing process, absolutely fascinating and always get a thrill when I see the results of a dyeing session!

Artist statement:  The colours of my fabrics and threads are one of the inspirations for my own embroideries.  I am also fascinated by vintage textiles and embroidery techniques, such as 'broderie anglais', and am exploring contemporary ways of using traditional methods.  I prefer hand embroidery, but am challenging myself to use more free machine embroidery, and also enjoy patchwork and quilting.

I belong to a group of textile artists called NINE, and am currently working towards an exhibition inspired by the sculptures in the Gibberd Garden in Harlow.

-Sarah Hopping

Bishop's Stortford, England, United Kingdom
Online shop:  therainbowgirl
Blog:  Rainbow Dreams
Other social media:  Twitter
Membership:  Embroiderers' Guild
Languages spoken:  English

Hand dyed cotton scrim - blue sky, gray clouds by The Rainbow Girl

Tags:  hand embroidery, fabric, thread, hand dyed, colour, texture, stitch, knit, embellishment, quilt

Wooly Boulevard

Working with wool rovings set me on a journey that started by learning to wet-felt a perfectly round, solid bead.  Soon, I was stringing beads together into jewellry, and adding embellishments, incorporating single needle felted yarn as well as glass and metal beads.  

Graduating to flat felting allowed me to incorporate my old embroidery and crewel techniques. Every creation has taught me something new, both technically and aesthetically.  I now find myself thinking in terms of much bigger pieces, incorporating more detail and other materials.  

Through this new group of gifted artisans I hope to gain the encouragement and mentorship I need to progress to the next stage in this wonderful uncharted adventure.

Artist's statement:  Like so many others, I was brave and comfortable about my creativity when I was younger, but misplaced that understanding as I became an adult.  A diagnosis of cancer re-ignited my passion through a wonderful program called Art as Medicine, offered by our regional cancer care facility to patients, health care professionals, and their supporting friends and family. I had been a professional musician, and re-discovered my love of singing through the vocal music program, but also my love of creating things with my hands.  I am deeply involved now in building a cancer wellness and support facility called Wellspring that will supplement our overburdened cancer care system, where I hope  to help others touched by cancer to express their feelings through arts-based programming.

Location:  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Online shop:  woolyboulevard
Social Media:  TwitterPinterest
Languages spoken:  English

Needle-Felted Brooch by Wooly Boulevard

Tags:  Felted wool bracelets, necklaces, brooches and framed flat-felted vignettes

Maggie Dillon Designs

"The Boys"  Batik and Thread Work by Maggie Dillon Designs

I am a textile/fiber artist, working exclusively in Batik.

2009 Bachelor of Arts, Flagler College, St. Augustine, Florida
Majoring in Fine Arts

Artist statement:  Celebrating memories with a glimpse of a personal relationship and natural daily life exemplifies my work. My goal, when executing a piece, is to bring a photograph to life, not just recreate the image.

With each batik fabric differing, the tangled pattern is always a mystery. The irregularity of batiks lends itself to the shapes I use in my layering technique. Variances in pattern cause shadow and highlight, giving my work its characterizing appearance. The threadwork blends the stitching around the edges.

Whether it’s a couple sitting at a waterfront, an old man reading his bible, or a family portrait, I enjoy capturing a moment. I use photographic references to create representational portraits of an occasion among friends, a glimpse of a relationship and natural daily life, or a celebration of family; my artistry presents memories.

Location:  Sarasota, Florida, USA
Languages spoken:  English

"On the Edge of Darkness"  Batik and Thread Work by Maggie Dillon Designs

Tags:  people, figurative, batik, portraits, children, women, men, scenery, landscape.

Dreamscapes Studio

"Emerald Westcoast", Framed Art Quilt by Donna-Fay Digance of Dreamscapes Studio

I create one of a kind, original art fabric hangings using hand-dyed silk and a variety of fabrics. Some of my images are quilted fabric collages while others are quilted silk paintings. I am inspired by the pristine beauty of Saturna Island with it’s vistas of shore, mountains and forests. I see the arbutus, fir and cedar trees swaying in the wind as akin to my dance and fantasy images as everything is in motion striving for freedom from gravity.  My hangings are richly machine embroidered.  The artwork can be displayed in my own open box frames, hung with a custom made hanger, doweling and picture hooks or framed with museum archival matting.   

Artist statement:   Hi, my name is Donna-Fay Digance. My background is in painting and printmaking.  When I moved to this pristine west coast island, I wanted to work with more eco-friendly materials. I’ve always loved the colour, textures and patterns of fabric so now I use a variety of commercial fabrics combined with my own hand dyed and painted silk and cottons. The intricate cutting of the shapes, arranged in many layers and quilted, combined with drawing, painting and machine embroidery, helps me create this uniquely individual collection of work. Living on Saturna Island inspires me to try and capture the beauty and serenity of nature that surrounds me in this pristine, tranquil oasis.

I’m lucky enough to have my own beautiful studio, in which to experiment and create.  I enjoy working on commissions of any size. You can see the triptych I did for Parks Canada and some my other work at my website;

Location:  Saturna Island, British Columbia, Canada
Online shops:
   Surface Design Association
   Surface Design Association of BC
   SAQA- Studio Art Quilt Associates
   Saturna Island Tourism Association
Languages spoken:  English

"Ocean Perch", Framed Art Quilt by Donna-Fay Digance of Dreamscapes Studio

Tags: home decor, art, fabric art ,island landscapes, fabric hangings, fantasy, dancers, seashore, mountains, forest

Design Talented One

I love colors and whatever possible colors can go into a creation.  I sell supplies on Etsy and started out with yarns, then moved into silk sari ribbon, silk cocoons, silk sari ribbon yarns, cording and rope.  I will recycle saris and rip them into a ribbon and then create by knitting or crocheting it into something wonderful.  If I can't find a color I need I will dye it using environmentally safe dyes. 

I found a fair trade supplier in India who is now working on ribbons and silk thrum yarns for me.  I decided that it would be nice to share this love and supply that I have on Etsy and it has really taken off, leading me to meet other wonderful artists.  Sitting at the table, I think back, never in my dreams imagining that I could share this with others and have it grow into a live business as it has.  

I make purses, accessories and clothing that are out of the ordinary.  When you work with fibers and silk sari ribbon you step outside of the box!

Artist statement:  I hope to provide a creative vision, guidance, knowledge, motivation and inspiration to all ages.  While heightening passion for fiber art I hope to push the boundaries of silk sari ribbon use and fibers in all applications.  I aim to provide joy to those who embrace color and love wearable art.   I love recycling, bringing the old into a new creation.  Through all of this, I hope to understand what the other person sees and feels through my work. 

Location:   Illinois, United States
Online shop:  Design Talented One
Social Media: Ravelry, Facebook 
Languages spoken:  English

Silk Ribbon Supplies by Design Talented One

Tags:   silk sari ribbon, handspun yarns, silk hankies, cocoons, silk, felted items, flowers, jewelry, recycled items, scarves

Therese May

I work with interior designers, art consultants, art collectors, and art lovers wanting to create an uplifting and colorful living area or work space that reflects their personality and inspires them to make their dreams come true. My art quilts add color and vibrancy to your home and office.

I also teach workshops for quilt lovers who love to make quilts and expand their creativity.

Artist statement:  The walls are covered with art, and everywhere you look, there is some sign that art quilts are being made. I love the idea that "Home is where the Heart is" and I also feel that "Home is where the Art is". My Art is from my Heart, most definitely. I also believe that art is for healing. Each and every one of us is creative. Each child is born with creativity. This is part of who we are. Each person is unique and capable of expressing something which reflects his/her own individual quality. There is a Creative Spiritual Energy which flows through us all, and which connects us all together. I believe that we can use this energy to create whatever we want to experience in life. Some of the tools that I use for my creative expression are meditation, prayer, and journaling, drawing, and painting, quilt making, and working with clay. I truly believe that I am fed by Spirit when I do these things, and that over the years, my life has been transformed because of my creative and Spiritual practice.

Location:  San Jose, California, USA
Online shops:
Brick and Mortar:
   Therese May Art Shop
   1068 The Alameda
   Suite 4
   San Jose, CA 95126
   Open by Appointment
Blog:  theresemay
Social Media:   
   YouTube Channel
Languages spoken:  English

"Boy and Girl Elves", Art Quilt by Therese May

Tags:  quilts, art quilts, embellished quilts, painted quilts, quilted portraits, textile artist, quilt workshops, quilting classes, wall quilts, fabric, machine quiilting

Nestle and Soar Studio

My name is Georgianne Holland and I am a fiber folk artist living and working close to the Rocky Mountains near Boulder, Colorado. The name of my folk art studio is Nestle and Soar and I have named it to reflect my love of birds, trees, and the uplifting emotions of nesting and gliding in the breeze, above the chaos of the world below.

In the Nestle and Soar studio I create decorative fine craft items using wool as my primary medium. I needle felt pillow fronts and wall hangings from silky, soft merino wool and natural history, like Audubon prints, is a great inspiration to me! I also hike and explore to sketch and photograph birds and trees, and I use this artistic record to inform many of my original designs. Embroidery and applique are also methods I use to create whimsical decorative folk art for my studio website. Interior Designers and collectors know that all of my work is limited-edition or one-of-a-kind, and my folk art is handmade with heart.

Artist statement:
  I love connecting with folks who also cherish the energies of nesting and gliding! I believe that everyone deserves the chance to nestle and soar in their life, in their work, and in their spirit. When I ship out one of my folk art pieces, I feel a connection to the recipient and truly enjoy knowing that the beauty of nature will continue to enhance their lives. I appreciate the opportunity to share my passion for handmade fine craft. When you order $15 or more in merchandise from my website, a tree is planted in your honor by the Arbor Day Foundation! I look forward to hearing from you and showing you my Nestle and Soar studio!

Location:  Westminster, Colorado, United States
Online shops:  
Blog:  nestleandsoar
Social media:  Twitter
Languages spoken:  English

Pillow by Georgianne Holland, Nestle and Soar Studio
Fiber Folk Artist

Tags:  handmade, bird folk art, tree pillow, bird decorative art, tree art, embroidered pillow, decorative pillow, needle felt, needlework

PKL Designs

Transplanted from Jamaica to the prairies of Wyoming, I dye paint silk and create bright, flowing contemporary fiber art pieces ...wall hangings, banners, paintings, table runners, garments to order, small purses. I'm looking for folks who like to enhance their homes and offices with color. Custom commissions are always welcome.
- Phillippa K. Lack

Artist statement:  To beautify the world with my art.

The fluid surface of the silk dares me to play with its shifting textures. The fibers hold and release the tropical colors of my childhood in their own quixotic alchemy. From the sheer transparency of silk chiffon to the deeply-plied silk charmeuse, each fabric takes the precious French dyes from my brush like a willful child.

Once you’ve touched your brush to the silk, you are committed. Whether it is wall décor or clothing, there is no changing your mind, no backtracking. Brush, dye, silk … the path is unforgiving. But this immediacy allows me to flow with the moment, be completely present. An error becomes another choice, a different commitment, another path to walk. An initial vision, which at first seems to be mine, becomes its own master.

Location:   Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA
   Silk Painters International (SPIN) master silk painter
   Surface Design Association
   Studio Art Quilt Associates
Languages spoken:  English

Silk Painting by PKL Designs


“Gorgeous colors and exquisite craftsmanship are hallmarks of PKL Designs.  Phillipa's creativity and artistic curiosity continually expand her work so that each beautiful textile is truly a one-of-a-kind treasure.”
July 16, 2011    Deborah Davis  Owner, Davis Textile Restoration

“Phillippa creates superb, and beautiful silk paintings.  She created a piece for me that is not only absolutely lovely and eye-catching, but also garners many compliments to any who view it in my home.  I highly recommend her.”
July 22, 2011   Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Nancy Fowler,  hired Phillippa as an Artist in 2006

“Phillippa's work is exquisite as well as impeccably crafted. Her aesthetic vision is clear. She is very disciplined in her work. I knew her while I was on the staff of the Wyoming Arts Council many years ago and continue to consider her a fine colleague in the arts.”
July 31, 2011     Jennie Kiessling, Communications Coordinator, Wyoming Arts C

Tags:  silkpainting, fiberart, handpainted silk, silk purses, wall hangings, silk scarves


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