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My name is Cindy Richard. I am a mother of three, a wife and a passionate quilter.   I grew up in NY and have a degree in English literature. Right after college, I worked as a production supervisor in publishing, doing color correcting on press. That's where I learned about color.

Nearly twenty years ago I followed my heart and together with my family moved to Israel. I was working as a technical writer until a year ago when the company closed.

I saw the end of my job as an opportunity to follow my passion for quilting and pursue it as a full-time career. I have been quilting for more than 15 years.  I teach quilting classes locally, which I find very fulfilling. I attend classes offered by other quilters and network with other crafters and people involved in small businesses.

I find the more I share, the more I learn. I look forward to being part of TAFA and exchanging ideas. Feel free to contact me and visit my website

Artist's statement:  My art is a combination of functionality and beauty. Being surrounded by beauty raises people's spirits and outlook. I try to create harmony utilizing vibrant colors and fabric, resulting in usable full-size quilts as well as wall hangings. In time, each piece composed of fine and soft cottons acquires an heirloom, antique look.

My quilting interests have changed over the last 15 years. I have always gravitated toward less traditional techniques, using muted colors, varying tones and three-dimensional perspective to achieve an impressionistic quality. I love the idea that I can use fabric to paint a scene with depth. I feel I can cross into the mountains I piece and bask in the sunlight.

I am especially drawn to scenes from places that have touched my life and journeys I have made. These are often reflected in my work, making each piece unique. I strive towards high quality and hope my art adds warmth and serenity in every home it is shown.

Location:  Beit Shemesh, Israel
Online shops:  cindyrquilts on Etsy
Blog:  cindyrquilts
  Internet Jewish Quilters
  Israel Quilters Association
Languages spoken:
  English, Hebrew 

Quilts and Accessories by CindyRQuilts

Tags:  quilt, landscape, scene, fiber, art, dimension, depth, color, thread paint

LUKE Haynes

I am a quilter working to push fabric and textile art into the forefront of fine arts consciousness. I have shows across the country and make commission quilts for families and businesses and museums the world over. I am wanting to work with stores and quilters and exhibition spaces to promote Quilting and blow the roof off the industry. I am living in Seattle and working all over the country. I have shows coming up and coming down all the time. I want to do more. Lets talk Quilts.

Artist's statement: My background in architecture led to an interest in the idea that form followed function, and quilts have both form and function implicit in their historical past and utilitarian design.

I have been experimenting with the ways that fabric can be used to create images while still maintaining its foundation of use and function.

I construct works by piecing together colors, images and textures with the intention of a final product that has implicit process as well as contextual imagery. A quilt is the product of a tactile and additive process. An internal layer of batting retains heat; quilted stitches maintain its structure through use and wear; patterns of thread and fabric reference a long tradition of craft and construction. I use these notations of an existing process to ground my work in a traditional practice.

Working in series, my quilts engage the binary views of intensely layered issues within American culture, exploring figural images referencing gender roles, nostalgia and iconography through the constructed quilted fields. I am inspired by the dialogue between audience and artist.

The imagery for my work often comes from the communities they are shown in, ideas from my experience or questionnaires I create to inquire after a specific response to a query. These subjects act as a means of reflecting the dueling public and private nature of nostalgia, utility, or notions of comfort. My current work engages ideas of green practice and sustainability by working with used clothes and donated materials as my palette.

My goal is to engage the seams between art and craft, form and function, space and materiality, while advancing the art of quilt making in contemporary culture.

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Alliance for American Quilts [.org]
BurdaStyle [.com]
Languages spoken: English

"On My Bed #3" Self Portrait Quilt by LUKE Haynes

Tags: Quilts, Recycle, textile, art, sew, exhibition, museum, famous, gallery, lecture

Jane Deane, Naturally

I am a textile designer producing a range of items from dyed fibres for handspinners, through handspun yarns, to finished woven  items.  I teach spinning, natural dyeing and weaving throughout the UK and abroad and am co-author, with Alison Daykin, of Creative Spinning.

I love textiles, creating them, turning fibre into yarn, yarn into beautiful coloured skeins, coloured skeins into woven items. A beautifully presented feast will not always make my mouth water, but a basket of beautifully coloured wool will have me drooling in seconds!

I have a studio at the Duchy Square Centre for Creativity,  and work from there and from home. My work has been exhibited in many galleries in the UK and is currently in the Duchy Square Gallery Shop and The Art Chapel, Moretonhampstead, Devon.

Artist's statement:  In addition to my passion for creating textiles and passing on my skills, I seek to minimise the negative impact I have on the environment. I have changed my practice to using natural dyes, a restricted range of mordants and using my skills and knowledge of the dyestuffs and colours to create the effects I want rather than relying on a chemical to do it for me. I fully realise that 'natural' does not necessarily equate to 'safe' so am cautious about my materials, processes and techniques.

I use natural fibres and am actively concerned with the current Campaign for Wool, a movement supporting the greater use of wool and the reduction of synthetic fibres in the environment.

Location:  United Kingdom
   Textile Forum South West
   Crafts Council
Other Social Media:  Linked In
Languages spoken:  English

Textile Designs by Jane Deane of Naturally

Tags:  spindle, dyepot, indigo, warp, weft, silkworm, spinning wheel, carders, woolcombs, shuttle


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