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Fiona Wright

I am an Australian artist living in rural India with my partner Praveen Nayak. Together we run Creative Arts Safaris; hands-on textile and cultural tours. In our home we house the Pukka Studio a place to experience some of India’s rich textile traditions as well as contemporary workshops. We also run a social enterprise, The Stitching Project, which helps to create work in the local area, an impoverished farming community.

Mission:   “Do and in doing, become.” One way to truly experience life is by getting involved. One way to experience another culture is through meeting people and  participating in its traditions; our work involves creating some of these opportunities and sharing them with others.

 Fiona Wright

Location: Pushkar, Rajasthan, India
Websites: Fiona Wright, Creative Arts Safari, Pukka Studio, The Stitching Project
Web store: Our Pukka Place
Brick and mortar: Our Pukka Place, Helloj Rd,  
     Behind Shyama Hospital 
     Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 305022
Blog: Of Daydreams and Memories
Languages spoken: English, slow French, some Hindi

The Stitching Project

Tags: tours, textile workshop teacher, India, teacher, fair trade/ social enterprise, felt, textile artist.

Judy Jordan

I am a mixed media artist.  I often use fiber as my medium of choice in portraying a female figure in a biographical way with some emotive content.  My love of fiber has led me to placing my figurative images on fabric using various transfer and printing methods.  I have also used stitching, collage, painting and quilting in these works.

Location: Annapolis, Maryland, USA
Memberships: SoWeBoArts
Languages spoken: English, Some Spanish

Controlled by Judy Jordan

Two Sided Black and White by Judy Jordan

Tags: feminine imagery, wall hangings, womens issues, figurative, mosaic, birds, nature, stained glass, folk art, sculptures

Stacy Polson Needlefelt Art

Everything fascinates me.  So when I see a new medium I have to try it and needle-felting is just the best kept secret.   I’d previously appliquéd with felt but really didn’t know much about it – like what made felt. . .felt?  Felt, simply put, is wool that’s been compacted.  And that’s the essence of needle-felting.  Needle-felting is the process of adhering fiber to fiber using a barbed needle, and practically anything that can be found in a yarn store, spun or raw, can be used.  

The pieces I’d created previously had been large abstract wall-hangings appliquéd in felt, but one day I began to wonder how the art of 17th century Japanese woodcuts would look using this technique.   As I went in search of yarn that might be incorporated into my work, I discovered, tucked away in the nook of my local yarn store, a few items labeled “Needle-felting”.  Intrigued, I purchased a few things, took them home, and was instantly hooked.  That was two years ago.  And now, every nook and cranny of my workroom is overflowing with wool.  It’s spilling out of baskets and bursting out of my armoire; and every trip to the yarn store or online search brings home more.  I’ve used almost every medium there is and I have to say needle-felting is the most versatile and forgiving.  It’s allowed me to experiment like never before because I can simply remove a mistake by plucking out the wool.  And what other medium lets you paint and sculpt and needs no cleanup?   If you go to my website,  you’ll see I’ve got eclectic tastes.  Right now, I’m working on a series of Japanese women wearing surreal hats. 

Location: USA
Online store: website
Languages spoken: French and Spanish


Matilda and the Fairy by Stacy Polson

Tags: wool, felting, art, wall hangings, fiber art, needle-felting, needle-felted, crafts, handcrafted, figurines

Renate Kirkpatrick - rensfibreart


Simply put, I’m in love with fibre, colour and texture.
I’m a proud Aussie, living in the sub-tropics where the crystal ocean, grainy sands and textured rainforests are never-ending inspirations. I incorporate all types of fibre into my work, from natural to synthetics, and will try anything to achieve the effects I’m after.
Although I’ve traveled many fibre/texture/colour roads, exploring Handmade Paper, both recycled and plant fibre (cellulous) and Rag Rugging, Freeform Crochet/Knitting is where I’m at right now. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t exploring the fibre arts in one form or another and I expect it to go on and on for some time yet.
However, I’m not limited to the unusual… I also design easy to read crochet patterns and have two published craft books available world wide – ‘Crochet Techniques’ – 'Freeform Crochet and Beyond'.

Artist Statement:  An artist by nature but a teacher at heart, my main aim with Freeform is to encourage people to be spontaneous, trust their intuition and never stop asking themselves, ‘I wonder what will happen if I try this or that?’ and then give it a go. I say…..’Dare to be different’ ‘Step out of the box’ ‘Experiment, explore, enquire, you’ll never know until you have a go!’

Location:  Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia
Online stores:
    Etsy, Zibbet, Ravelry 
Blog: rensfibreart 
Memberships: Ravelry, Fiber Focus, FFCrochet (yahoo group) 
Languages spoken: English and German


 Coraloid’ Freeform Wrap by rensfibreart

Books by Renate Kirkpatrick

rensfibreart on Facebook

Tags:  wearable art, freeform crochet, freeform knitting, crochet, knitting, fibre artist, accessories, purse

Banner Mountain Textiles

I am excited to be part of a new generation of handweavers who are experiencing the benefits of technology on an ancient craft. I incorporate the old with the new in my work, often using yarns that I have spun and old weaving drafts with new methods of computer aided design. I love dyeing my own yarns and paint yarns with synthetic dye or use natural plant dyes in the process of creating one of a kind textiles. Nature, geology and sometimes history inspire new color and design ideas and I continue to explore new techniques to keep my work fresh and alive.

My handweaving takes place on two looms; a small 8 shaft Schacht loom and a very large 24 shaft AVL. I do most of my own weave draft design and may test many ideas on the computer before I commit them to the loom. Being a member of Complex Weavers gives me access to some of the best handweavers in the U.S. and beyond. Their work and ideas are envaluable in my own creative processes as is that of my local group called the Not 2 Square Weavers.
-Beryl Moody

Mission:  To increase public awareness about current innovations in contemporary handwoven cloth.

Location: Nevada City, CA USA
Online stores:
     Shawls Unlimited, Etsy
Memberships:  Complex Weavers. CNCH
     Not 2 Square Weavers   
Social Media: Twitter 
Language spoken:  English  

Handwoven scarves 
by Beryl Moody of Banner Mountain Textiles

Tags: shibori, hand woven, network twill, dobby weave, woven, collapse weave, hand weaver, computer aided design, original design, computer dobby

Aynex Mercado

I started quilting in 1998. At first I did some traditional quilts but very quickly got bored following directions and patterns. I started adding my own ideas to patterns until I wasn't using patterns at all, working exclusively on art quilts. I have exhibited at the International Quilt Festival in Houston and The American Quilters Society Quilt Show in Paducah among others. I was the KY/TN Regional Representative for Studio Art Quilts Associates.

In 2008 my life changed and my main focus now is web design and graphic design although I still create quilts. As a quilter and web/graphic designer, I understand the needs of fiber artists better in terms of promotion and marketing their art. I would be happy to help other textile/fiber art businesses achieve a more professional image on the web and in print.

Location: Frederick, Maryland, USA
Blog: Aynex
Social Media: 
     Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Matera by Aynex Mercado

   One of the many videos Aynex made when she lived in Paducah.
This one features Caryl Bryer Fallert.

Tags: art, quilt, graphic design, web design, abstract, architecture, maryland, quilting, designer

Papaver Vert

Papaver Vert is a small creative studio in Northern California owned by designer Patty Benson. Based on form, function, and bold color, Patty's work utilizes the time consuming technique of crocheting and wet felting wool to create tactile pieces with a contemporary twist.

Artist Statement: 
"Working with wool as others may work with clay, to create bowls and vessels, is a never ending source of fascination for me. I love everything about wool - it's texture, smell, how well it shows off bold color and how it can go from one form to another with a crochet hook, soap and water."
-Patty Benson

About my business name, Papaver Vert:
It means green poppy in latin and french and is pronounced  
Puh-PAY-Ver   V-air
I have quite an obsession with the beauty of poppies and my favorite color is green. When coming up with my business name I wanted to combine my passions with a foreign sounding flair and Papaver Vert was born.

Location: Alameda, California, USA 
Online stores: Etsy, Supermarket
Blog: papaver vert
Languages spoken:  English, some Spanish, some French 

Tags: housewares designer, wet felting, crochet, fiber sculpture, installation, interior design, jewelry, wool, household items, surface design

Gallery51/Craig Wallen

The focus at Gallery 51 is promoting the appreciation, conservation and collection of fine antique textile art.  With more than twenty years experience as a private purveyor of rare textiles, I now offer both residential and commercial customers a wide selection of rare, visually compelling textiles with great aesthetic merits for use in home or office settings.  We also offer a variety of related services, such as consultation, procurement services, conservation, evaluation, brokerage, mounting, and collection management. 

Clients include collectors, dealers and designers around the world, and several important American museums.  Formal, written appraisals can also be prepared according to standards approved by the Appraisers Association of America, for the purposes of insurance, inheritance, donation or loss.

Location:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Online store: website
Brick and mortar: 51 N. 2nd St
     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Memberships: Philadelphia Rug and Textile Society
     The Textile Museum
     Philadelphia Museum of Art
Languages spoken: English, French, Armenian

Antique Kurdish Bagface, Gallery51

Tags: antique rugs, ethnographic art, tribal textiles, ancient textiles, Ottoman, Anatolian, Persian, Kurdish, Caucasian, wool, felt, Turkish

Christine Predd

Moments by Christine Predd

I was excited to begin my journey making art quilts in 2001, after being a traditional quilt maker for over 15 years.  The freedom of expression with fabric and thread has become a passion of mine in my retirement.  I prefer abstract to representational work, working from an idea, a word or phrase, or with nature as my inspiration.  I often use photos I have taken as the source for my work.  My work is directed by colors, textures, shapes and sounds of the natural world.  My best work is done intuitively without extensive planning, and I use paints, dyes, threads, fabrics, and needles to present the viewer my personal interpretation of life as I see it.  I consider any day incomplete in which I have not designed, sketched, sewn, dyed fabric, or in some way worked on a quilt.  My creativity in this way has resulted in exhibitions in various juried shows since 2005. Mostly, I enjoy my daily studio life to a level I could only have imagined many years ago. 
Location: LaPorte, Indiana, USA (summer and fall)  
      Anna Maria Island, Florida, USA (winter and spring)
Online store:  Christine Predd  
Memberships:   Studio Art Quilt Associates,  American Quilter's Society
Social Media: Twitter
Language spoken: English

 SeaGrass by Christine Predd

Tags:  fiberart, textile art, surface design, dyed fabric, painted fabric, quilt design, collage, stencilling, abstract art, nature quilts

Debbie Babin

Working with my hands is vital and nourishes my artistic soul.
Concepts develop from deep within my mind and are translated through cloth.  Colorful handmade textile art is what I am known for. I love discovery and prefer to work spontaneously; I never know what might spark a creative train of thought.  The results are fun and joyful.  Comments on my work mostly pertain to the colors and combinations I use.
I have two individual art focuses:
1-Contemporary designs-which include painted surfaces machine stitched and often include mixed media such as painted paper
2-Conservative designs developed primarily with hand stitching.  The look can range from contemporary to somewhat retro.

My goals are to produce the best art I can.  Most of what I create is available to purchase; however, this is not my primary focus.  I prefer to focus on the content and the end result; holding myself to a very high standard, personal levels that I have set.  The challenges I set for myself fuel my energies for juried exhibits which are important to me.  Over the last ten years my work has been accepted into numerous National and International exhibits; I am very proud of this. 
An art collector will respect the levels of accomplishment that I strive for. Anyone who loves color and dynamic designs will appreciate having my art hanging in their home or office.  Attractive, high energy, striking colors describe my work. 

Debbie is a full time professional artist. Her main body of artwork is exhibited in the galleries on her website.   A separate gallery-blog Zen Cloth presents hand stitched art cloth. She also offers Textile art courses online.

Artist Statement
My passion for textile art is fueled by my love of adventure. I consider making art to be the greatest adventure; for the opportunities are limitless.

Location: Southern Maryland, USA
Online Stores: See galleries on my websiteZen Cloth
Blog: Zen Cloth
Memberships:  Studio Art Quilts Association
Languages spoken:  English 

Net Profit by Debbie Babin

Tags: Fiber, Fabric, Studio, Slow Cloth, Slow Stitch

dye diana dye

Hi. I'm Diana Hughes, a dyer in Atlanta, Georgia. I mostly use a variety of shibori techniques. I'm entirely self-taught, although I owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many who have shared their knowledge and expertise and passion online. (Some of whom are here already!). 

I mainly do garments and accessories, although recently I've been dyeing silk and slicing/splicing it into ribbon yarn. I have shops at both Etsy and 1000 Markets and use the income to fund my passion for learning more and experimenting with just about every dyeable surface I can find. There is so much to learn! So much to play with! So much to do! And I love every day of it.

Hand dyed shibori clothing and accessories - whether it's stitched, wrapped, bound, or clamped - it's not your typical tiedye.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Online storesEtsy and 1000 Markets
Memberships: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Dreamcoats
Languages Spoken: English

Tags:  surface design, shibori, complex cloth, dye, clothing, slow cloth, textile art, tiedye, fiber artist

Sherryl Buchler

I am a fiber artist who loves to experiment with color and texture.

I have always been interested in color for as long as I can remember. I made funky clothes for my Barbie dolls and put together outrageous combinations for myself. I have a masters degree in Color Perception and was an interior designer for almost 20 years. About 5 years ago I discovered quilting but I hated the traditional patterns and the restrictions. Enter art quilts and my creative juices started flowing again. I love discovering all the techniques you can use for surface design but my love is still working with fabric... lots and lots of colored fabric. I dye my own fabrics and have a small business but sometimes I have trouble parting with the fabrics. I also do Shibori and other surface techniques.   

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona 
Online Store:  
    I sell hand dyed fabrics at Field of Color
Blogs:  SKB2000, Field of Color
   Studio Art Quilters Association, Surface Design Association
Languages spoken:  English and Hebrew

Through Rose Colored Glasses by Sherryl Buchler
17 1/2" X 20 1/2"

Tags:  Art Quilting, fiber artist, hand dyed fabrics, bright colors, Shibori, Surface design, abstract, textile art


Paloma Textiles/Ruth Henriquez Lyon

I started Paloma Textiles to be a yarn source for fiber artists  who want to know the story behind the products they buy. Over many years as a weaver I grew to realize that the materials I was using had an impact on people, animals, and the earth.  When I began searching for products that are grown and processed sustainably and humanely, and made with fair labor standards, I found few candidates. I have included the best of what I found on my website, along with information about the yarns.
Each time we buy something, we're voting with our money. Our shopping practices have the power to change our world as much as our political activities. Shopping is political. My goal is to bring transparency to the yarn marketplace.

Location: Duluth, Minnesota, USA
Memberships: Paloma Textiles is certified as a Green Business by Green America.
Online store:  Website
Languages spoken: English and I speak passable Spanish.

Pakucho Color-Grown Cotton from Peru 
available at Paloma Textiles

Liberation by Ruth Henriquez Lyon of Paloma Textiles

Tags:  Hemp yarn, organic yarn, animal-friendly products, sustainable shopping, recycled silk yarn, weaving yarn, knitting yarn, macrame twine, electric cone winders.

Nazmiyal Collection

"I have been in business of acquiring and selling antique rugs for twenty-five years. Antique rugs are my passion, and my tastes are eclectic, ranging from early, classical pieces to Art Deco and Modernist rugs. What matters to me primarily is the beauty and quality of a piece. I buy with my eye and with my heart. Living in New York, the Mecca of the rug world, and traveling extensively, I have the opportunity to search constantly for the best pieces that are available. My wide experience and contacts in the antique rug world enable me to buy competitively, acquiring quality pieces for the best value, and to pass this value along to our customers. My goal at Nazmiyal is to give our clients the finest rugs with greatest range of choices at the best value."
-Jason Nazmiyal, Founder

The Nazmiyal Collection is a New York-based antique rug dealer established in 1980. We are one of the largest wholesalers of fine and decorative antique pieces in the US. Our website's advanced search engine allows users to easily and efficiently browse our extensive inventory by size, color, design, and origin. In addition to our optimized search engine, the site contains a plethora of information about antique rugs from weaving history to buying tips.

Our customer base extends from the United States to Hong Kong, Italy, South America, Spain, Scotland, England and many other places. Our rugs range from Persian, Turkish, and Caucasian rugs to Chinese Art Deco, French Aubusson, and English Needlepoint.

Antique Sultanabad Persian Rug 2909, Nazmiyal Collection

Location: New York City, New York, USA
Online Store:  
Brick and mortar presence:
     31 East 32nd St. New York, NY 10016
Blog: Nazmiyal
Languages spoken:  English, Farsi, Hebrew

Tags: antique rugs, antique carpets, antique oriental rugs, antique oriental carpets, antique tapestries, antique Persian rugs, antique Persian carpets, antique textiles, Nazmiyal, antique rug gallery

Terry Aske Art Quilts

Explosion of Color by Terry Aske

My earliest creative memory is from kindergarten, making a mosaic from seeds and beans. This was the beginning of a life-long quest to find the perfect medium to express myself.

Over the years, I’ve dabbled in many creative activities such as beading, drawing, painting, knitting and sewing. Although I enjoyed all of these, none held my interest for long. Then in 1998, a friend invited me to join her at a one-day quilting course. Finally, I had found an artistic medium that fascinated and inspired me! I discovered the work of other art quilters and started designing my own quilts. A perfectionist by nature, the precision demanded by the complex quilts I create, combined with my passion for beautiful and vivid fabrics, makes art quilting the perfect outlet for my creativity.

I am fascinated with nature themes, as well as geometric patterns. Sometimes the concept for a new quilt is based on a specific color combination I want to use, sometimes on a photo I’ve taken of leaves or flowers or a landscape. For commissioned pieces, the starting point is usually a specific size and color theme. The design always evolves during the creative process, and the final quilt is often quite different from my original concept.

Since 1998, I’ve completed more than 60 art quilts. I sell and exhibit in the US and Canada and on the Internet.  My goal is to continue to evolve as an artist, exploring new subject matter and techniques in my art quilts.

Rainbow Spiral by Terry Aske

Website: Terry Aske Art Quilts
Location:  New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Online Store: Terry Aske Art Quilts
 Languages spoken:  English

Tags: art quilting, fiber artist, textile art, bright intense colors, geometric patterns, nature themes, leaves, machine piecing, machine quilting, applique



    Boro Yogi (Sleeping Kimono)
    ca. late nineteenth century, indigo dyed cottons
    Sri, Brooklyn, NY

    Sri is a by-appointment textile gallery specializing in antique Japanese folk textiles, highlighting the indigo-dyed cotton utilitarian fabrics and boro--or patched and mended--textiles of old Japan as well as a wide selection of rural Japan's hand-plied bast fiber textiles.  We also stock limited collections of Indian folk textiles and Korean pojagi.

    Location:  Brooklyn, New York, USA 
    Online store: Sri Threads  
    Brick and mortar presence:   
         18 Eckford Street, #8, Brooklyn, NY 11222  
    Blog:  Sri Threads  
    Languages spoken:  English, Spanish

    Girl's Silk Under-Kimono (Juban)
    ca. late nineteenth century 
    itajime/kyokechi and shibori dyed silks
    Sri, Brooklyn, NY
     Sri, Brooklyn, New York, USA

    Tags: Japanese folk textiles, boro, shibori, Mingei, indigo, kasuri, katazome, kimono, tsutsugaki, sakiori


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