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Afghan Tribal Arts

Afghan Tribal Arts seeks to support traditional craft producers in Afghanistan.  

It places great value on both old and new talent and seeks to help artisans reach wider markets with their work.  Afghan Tribal Arts strives to balance both the needs of the producers and the demands of the market by paying and pricing fairly.

Afghan Tribal Arts specializes in beads, jewelry and carpets, but also has a huge inventory of textiles, wood, clay and metal works.

Warehouse: Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin (USA)
Regular travel route through Central and South East USA
Retail gallery: Sturee Tribal Village, in Pendleton, South Carolina (USA)
Online Shop: Etsy
Blog: Sturee Tribal Village
Languages spoken: English, Pashtu, Farsi, Urdu, a bit of Uzbeki

Tribal Textiles from Afghanistan and Central Asia


Sturee Tribal Village in Pendleton, SC (USA)

Afghan Tribal Arts on Facebook

Tags: Ethnic, Tribal, Suzani, Rugs, Carpets, Kilim, Hats, Mukluks, Beaded, Kuchi, Textiles


  1. Abdul and I were partners in a Chicago gallery, Dara Tribal Village, for four years. He now travels the MidWest and SouthEast, doing bead shows and selling to galleries. Although his main focus is beads, he has gorgeous textiles and a huge collection of tribal rugs.

    The main warehouse is in Wisconsin, but he also has a lot of inventory at his gallery in South Carolina. I manage his Etsy store and have that product here in Kentucky. Kind of spread out all over the place, but one guy can't do it all!

    Abdul comes through Paducah often and if you see things that are easy to ship on his website, I can ask him to bring similar items to list on the Etsy store. It takes awhile, but it's what we can do right now.

    We can do combined shipping on items purchased through Rayela Art and Afghan Tribal Arts on Etsy as they are all warehoused in my house in Paducah.

  2. Oops! I just changed my Blogger identity so that people don't get confused. Fiber Focus is my blog and I used to sign blogs using that name, but have now changed it to Rayela Art.


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