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Growing up, my three sisters and I had to learn two things - how to sew and how to play the piano.  The sewing part stuck with me but I’m still not much of a musician.  I love working with fabric, love to watch it take shape and take on a personality.  By day, I work in the corporate world as an IT analyst where things are basically black and white but at night, YellowViolet allows me to create things and work with beautiful colors and textures.  It keeps me (somewhat) balanced.

My goal is to provide something for everyone and have fun while doing it.  I find I create according to my mood…sometimes elegant things, sometimes funky things and other times things that have a soft, soothing presence.  Each piece has a little of me reflected in it and my hope is that it brings a smile to someone's face.
-Shelley Cassky

Artist's statement: There are times when I am working that I feel as if the inspiration is not coming from me but coming through me.  That feeling of being in the flow is what I aspire to.  Being happy or surprised or totally blown away by the finished product is just so satisfying.  Having other people appreciate it, too, is priceless.

Location: Beautiful East Hartland, Connecticut, USA
Online store: YellowViolet
Languages spoken: English

Coiled fabric baskets by YellowViolet

YellowViolet on Facebook

Tags: Coiled baskets, coiled bowls, novelty boxers, cotton kimono, wearable art belts, colorful, home decor, quirky


  1. I love your baskets! Talk about yummy colors. I see you use a lot of Kaffe Fassett fabrics. They are terrific.

  2. Your works are absolutely captivating. Your baskets reflect the loving artistry that goes into their creation, and your kimonos are lucious. I especially liked the one with blocks that I see on Etsy has already sold to a lucky buyer.


“Drive a nail home and clinch it so faithfully that you can wake up in the night and think of your work with satisfaction,- a work at which you would not be ashamed to invoke the Muse”
-Henry David Thoreau

In our case, it would be the needle or other fiber tool. Drive it home! And, we all thank you for your words, left here to these good folks. Invoke your Muse!


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