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The Textile and Fiber Art List

Caryl Bryer Fallert / Bryerpatch Studio

Caryl Bryer Fallert sewing with "George"
Fine artist, quilt maker, teacher, lecturer, gallery owner, writer, business person, these are the hats I am wearing at the moment (in the order in which I like wearing them). For 23 years I traveled to eleven countries on five continents to teach quilting art and lecture about my work. In 1997 I started the Bryerpatch Studio Internet Store, where I sell the fabrics I design from Benartex, and the patterns, instructions, and workshops on CD-ROM which I publish.

In 2005 I left the Fox Valley of Illinois, where I had lived my whole life, and started a new life in Paducah Kentucky's award-winning, historic LowerTown Arts District where most of my neighbors are also artists. I built a new studio, gallery and workshop center, where I continue teaching without having to take my whole show on the road. I love being part of a real community with lots of cultural activities avaliable within walking distance. You can visit my gallery and shop online at

Artist's statement:  I make original, fine art for the walls of homes and businesses, from fabric that is stitched together and quilted. Most of my work is made from 100% cotton fabric, which is dyed and painted, then pieced, appliquéd, embroidered, and quilted on my sewing machine.
The focus of my work is on the qualities of color, line, and texture, which will engage the spirit and emotions of the viewer, evoking a sense of mystery, excitement, or joy.  Illusions of movement, depth, and luminosity are common to most of my work. The inner glow is created by hand dyeing or painting my fabrics in gradual progressions from light to dark.

Both my geometric color studies, and my more organic, curved seam abstracts are inspired by visual impressions, collected in my travels, in my everyday life, and in my imagination. Although some of my quilts include pictorial images, my work is most often about seeing, experiencing, and imagining, rather than pictorial representation of any specific object or species. When recognizable objects appear, they represent the emotions and flights of fantasy evoked by those objects. My intention is to focus on positive energy and depict that in my work.

I intend for my quilts to be seen and enjoyed by others. It is my hope that they will lift the spirits and delight the eyes of those who see them. I am constantly learning and my work evolves as I find new images in my imagination and develop the techniques to create them in cloth. As a teacher I believe that the magic of art lies in our heads and in our hearts. I love sharing my techniques with others so they can share their magic with me.
You can see my quilts in my online gallery.

Feather Study #30 by Caryl Bryer Fallert

Location:  Paducah, Kentucky, USA
Online shop:
Brick and Mortar:
   Bryerpatch Studio
   502 N. 5th St. • Paducah KY
   Map and directions
   National Quilt Museum, Board of Directors
   Paducah Fiber Artists
   Friends of Fiber Art International
Languages spoken:  English

Tags:  quilt art, textile art, hand dyed, gradations, luminous, award winning, uplifting, eye dazzling, colorful

Obelisk Fiber Arts

My emphasis is working with organic, and sustainable natural fiber and natural dyes. I love the versatility of fiber, and the myriad of art and craft interpretations in woven textiles and hand spun yarn.

The natural world gives me a lifetime of inspiration and direction.

Artist's Statement:  I strive to create high quality beautiful and useful yarns and textiles of the finest organic and natural fibers.

Location:  Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
Blog:  obeliskfiberarts
Online shops:  ObeliskFiberArts (Etsy)
Memberships:  Minnesota Weavers Guild
Languages spoken:  English

Fine weavings for the home by Obelisk Fiber Arts

Tags:  handspinning, weaving, natural dye, scarves, home interiors, runners, placemats, rugs, winter, apparel, accessories

California Fibers

"Ahh", Valentyna Royenko-Simpson
Since its founding in 1970, California Fibers has established itself as the premier Southern California contemporary fiber artist group. Diverse, creative, imaginative work is expressed in weaving, basketry, sculpture, quilting, tapestry, surface design, wearables, knitting, crochet, felting and mixed media.

Mission:  California Fibers was founded in 1970 in San Diego, CA with the purpose of providing professional advancement for contemporary fiber artists.  Many of its members are well represented in museums and private collections and are recipients of prestigious awards from around the world.  

Location:  San Diego, California, USA
Memberships:  Surface Design Association
   Friends of Fiber Art International
   Fiber Art magazine
   American Craft
   Visions Art Museum
   Oceanside Museum of Art
   Mingei International Museum
Languages spoken:  English

Out-of-Order by Christie Dunning
Digital print on cotton, hand-dyed cotton fabrics, 

cotton embroidery floss, paint. 
Sewn, embroidered, painted. 18" H x 24" W.

Shoreline by Polly Jacobs Giacchina
date palm, bamboo and caning



Tags:  contemporary, tapestry, artist, fibers, textiles, fiber arts, sculpture, surface design,

Sunflower Design

Sunflower Design specializes in one-of-a-kind quilts and fibre art, whimsical patterns and colourful sun prints. Each item is originally designed and features quality workmanship. 

Artist's Statement:  My name is Marcy Horswill. I have been an artist almost all of my life, but I did not accept this until I turned the magical age of 40. Looking back, I realize the life path I follow has woven in and out of a variety of artistic interests from painting silk scarves to corporate graphic design. Every way I turn I find a new creative path to embark on.

I am an avid collector. I have jars of buttons, beads, ribbons, feathers, shells, etc., which I treasure and draw inspiration from. I also collect miniature teapots, regular teapots, blue china, giraffes, bird nests and Santa Claus figurines. Of course, my largest collection is comprised of quilting fabric, predominantly Bali cottons. I love their brilliant colour, high thread count and varying texture.

My favourite and most familiar pastime is quilting. Quilting is a broad term encompassing everything from traditional to innovative methods and designs. I started as a traditional quilter, but once I mastered the basic skills, I began designing my own art quilts and never looked back. My latest passion is beading, incorporating feathers, fibres and other three dimensional finds into my work and creating texture by soldering fabric and fibres.

I have a small studio where I work my creations. It is cozy and everything is at my fingertips. During a project, my studio becomes a whirlwind of fabric and other paraphernalia as one idea morphs into another. Part of the process before I start my next project is cleaning up the mess from the last one. It is an important step in my creativity. I spy bits and pieces from previous works, which remind me of things I want to try. Often the cleaning up sets the path for the next idea and I’m immersed again on another journey.

Why do I pursue creativity? When I turn to my studio, it is to escape the fast-paced and stressful world I live in. Time slows down when I walk through the studio door; in fact, time becomes irrelevant. As I familiarize myself with my space and collections, my life takes on a quiet rhythm. My senses become acutely aware of colour, texture and the quiet. Sketches go down on paper, needles go through fabric and layers form one on top of another. My heart beats to my own rhythm and a new idea is born.

Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Online shops:  sunflowerquilts
   Time For Quilting
Languages spoken:  English

Art Quilts by Sunflower Design

Tags:  artist, fibre, felt, felted wool, marcy horswill, fiber, creativity, design, hand dyed, art quilts

Nothing But String

I am a lover of all things crocheted and knitted.  I currently live in Southern California where I spend most of my time trying to improve my fiber art.  I grew up on the east coast and spent many a day with my Italian grandmother who was a crochet master.  I remember her working on a customer's order with the finest of yarns, making fully lined jackets, skirts and dresses.  Since then I have developed my own style specializing in Irish Crochet thread lace.  I love taking motifs that are over a century old and giving them a new twist for the 21st century. 

Artist's Statement:  I use fine thread and crochet hooks to make rings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces, motifs, buttons and home décor.  I specialize in Irish lace embellishments which I often use to enhance knitted and crocheted scarves, fingerless gloves, and geeky accessories for women and men.

My work reflects and age old cottage industry which was lost but is once again found.


Location:  Corona, California, USA
Online Shop:  Nothingbutstring
Languages spoken:  English and Italian

 Nothing But String translates century old crochet 
motifs into new ones!

Tags:  crochet, knitting, accessories, wholesale, fiber jewelry, fingerless gloves, lace, appliques, embellishments

Botanical Colors, LLC

Botanical Colors: your source for natural dyes.

I am a textile craftswoman with 25 years experience in creating beautiful color from plants and other natural materials. I sell premium natural dyes and supplies through my online store, Botanical Colors. I have traveled to Africa, Turkey, Southeast Asia, India, Central America and Europe in search of the historic and traditional colorants of these cultures.

I love color.  I am happy every day that I have my hands in a dye pot and never tire of the magic of  indigo.  I abandoned a corporate position in Silicon Valley to relocate to Seattle and follow my dream of a life in the textile arts.  I worked for over 6 years at Earthues in Seattle and honed my skills in color, design and production dyeing in one of the most beautiful and inspirational textile arts studios and the epicenter of natural dyeing in North America.  In addition to dyeing, I spin, weave, knit and felt and am busily making sample swatch books of the hundreds of colors that I have dyed over the years.

I live in a small cottage in Seattle with a huge organic vegetable garden and share life's adventures with my heart's delight, Richard, and our sweet rough collie, Rio. We support community endeavors including the Coalition of Refugees from Burma and share our bounty by providing fresh, organic food to our local food banks.

Artist's statement:  I strive to provide natural dyes that are beautiful, sustainable, environmentally friendly and support farming communities and small producers.  I have personally visited a number of my major suppliers to ensure that their working environments and processing methods are humane and economically and socially responsible.  All of the dyes that I sell are personally tested for quality, light and washfastness and are the historic dyes that have been used for centuries by textile artisans all over the world.

I hope someday to create a sustainable enterprise that leverages the textile skills of my Burmese friends so that they can thrive and prosper in their new home.  I am optimistic that the success of Botanical Colors will help establish this new enterprise in the near future.

Location:  Seattle, Washington, USA
Online shop:  botanicalcolors
   Natural Dyes International
   Coalition of Refugees from Burma
Languages spoken:  English, Spanish, Japanese

Naturally dyed yarns with Botanical Colors extracts.

Tags:  Color and Culture, Fair Trade, Textile arts, weaving, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, dyeing, printing, quilting


Hi!  My name is Vanessa Orantes. I make recycled-sweater monsters, called Hofmonsters.  I have always made things with my hands. I love making and collecting  jewelry, I crochet, and sew. I love material, especially natural fibers. Hofmonsters came out of this love.

I started collecting natural fiber sweaters, going to all my local antique stores to find vintage and antique buttons, and I started sewing!

I want kids and adults to have toys that they will remember (and hopefully keep) their whole lives. Toys that are as unique and individual as they are. All Hofmonsters are made of 100% natural fiber recycled sweaters. They are stuffed with Eco fiber fill (made from corn!). All buttons are either vintage or antique .

 Mission:  To make Eco-conscious, earth friendly toys for children and adults.

Location:  Willits, California, USA
Online shop:  Hofmonsters
Language spoken:  English

Hofmonsters, All Recycled with Eco Fiber!

Tags:  recycled, natural fiber-sweaters, vintage buttons, monsters, fiber art doll, Eco fiber fill, one of a kind, handmade, GREEN

Unique Batik

Unique Batik Artisans in Pakistan
We are a small business that makes a big impact.  We work with artisans in the developing world  (many of whom have perfected the traditional crafts of their ancestors) to bring these unique pieces of art to open markets.  Unique Batik is a Fair Trade wholesaler of clothes, bags, jewelry and accessories.  In business since 1991, we now have partnerships with artisans in Guatemala, Ghana, Thailand and Pakistan.  Fair Trade means our artisans are guaranteed fair wages, sustainable relationships and safe working conditions that are free from discrimination and forced child labor.  What makes Unique Batik different is its commitment to working alongside artisans to design beautiful products that meet demand in the developed world. 

Location:  Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Memberships:  Fair Trade Federation
Languages spoken:  English and Spanish

Fair Trade Products from Around the World

Tags:  Fair Trade, recycled, hand-dyed, batik, woven, bead work, comalapa, corte,  ikat, traditional crafts, embroidery.

Brenda Abdullah

I am an artist joyfully striving to live out the fullness of my creative self. After raising a large family,  I am finally at the point in life in which all of my waking time can be spent on creating or thinking about making beautiful and practical clothing from uncommon resources.

I've been a lover of arts and crafts since childhood . As a young adult, I attended various  art schools and later graduated with a B.S. in Arts and Crafts.  I honed all of my self taught sewing skills, while working  my own business as a custom dressmaker for about 25 years. Today  my two passions, art and sewing,  have been fused together.  I  now create and sell one of a kind wearable art and accessories from my Etsy shop, I also  participate in several yearly art shows in the Chicago land area.

Most of my garments are the result of an organic design process in which the colors and the textures of the selected materials dictate the design. I may have a general idea of the shape or form, however the details and end results are always a pleasant surprise to me. This freedom is extremely gratifying and inspires me to do it again and again. Positive feedback from customers make the whole process even more rewarding.

For me, I find a unique advantage of using pre-owned clothing in the creation of my designs. There are endless possibilities in fabric variety and a basic practicality of reusing materials already available. That only adds to the rewarding benefits of  doing the work that I love.

Artist's statement:  I am an Eco-conscious artist/designer of high quality one-of-a-kind wearable art using re-purposed clothing. Through the use of gently used clothing and vintage textiles, I bring together fashionable silhouettes with artistic fabric collage and coloration. Each garment is a study of color and textural relationships and stands as a testament of my love for beautiful textiles no matter from where they were originally derived.

Location:  Chicago, Illinois, United States
Online shop:  brendaabdullah 
Languages spoken:  English

Sweater Coat by Chicago Clothing Designer,
Brenda Abdullah


Tags:  reconstructed sweaters, sweater coats, repurposed clothing,wearable art, patchwork scarves,  fingerless gloves, knit tunics, accessories

Judy Coates Perez

"Primordial Sea"  Art Quilt by Judy Coates Perez

I am a mixed media textile artist living in Chicago. I teach workshops in art quilt and mixed media techniques nationally and internationally. I have written numerous articles for Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines, have three instructional DVD's available from Interweave, and have been a guest multiple times on Quilting Arts TV.

You can see my art quilts at art-quilt-portfolio  and my mixed media work at mixed-media-portfolio.

Artist's statement:  One part gypsy and two parts visual alchemist, I believe that all the places I have lived have in many ways taken up residence in me and manifest in the diversity of my work. Exploring themes drawn from folklore, history and nature, I enjoy working in a variety of media. Often blending quilting skills with techniques drawn from my graphic arts background, I use textile paints, dyes, inks, acrylic powders, artist’s pencils and occasionally stitch metal onto my fabric. 

Location:  Chicago, Illinois, USA
Other social media:  facebook (personal page)
Languages spoken:  English

"Moon Garden"  Art Quilt by Judy Perez

Tags:  Art quilts, mixed media, painting, wholecloth painted quilts, wholecloth art quilts, sewing metal, quilting


I've always been creative and inspired by our world heritage.  I love beautiful textiles, rich patterns, colors and cultural symbolism.  With them, I feel the connection in space and time between women (and men!)  whose loving skills were transmitted and shared during generations.

Like the ancient silk roads, the internet can offer us the place to share our creative inspiration and bring beauty to the world.

For my lucky charms or "marvel catchers" (as I have named them), I have been inspired by the talismans and magic items that you can find all over the world, particularly in Central Asia, Asia and Africa. 

Artist's statement:  I enjoy offering my lucky charms as an opportunity to express tenderness and gratitude for loved ones. They could be wonderful gifts also for someone going through some challenging time or to accompany your life changes and heart's desires. A secret pocket is enclosed in some of them to hide some personal item or enlightening words written on a piece of paper...

The ideals of my generation were self-realisation and freedom. I feel that now the time has come to rediscover the power of simplicity and care for each other. My items aim to serve as the support of intentions, blessings or are reminders of love and beauty.

Location:  Lyon, Rhône, France
Online shop:  Dreamkaravan
Blog:  dreamkaravan
Other social media:  Twitter, Handmade Spark
Languages spoken:  French, English, Italian

 "Marvel Catchers" or Talismans by Dreamkaravan
In the spirit of the Silk Road

Tags:  handmade,  lucky charm, talisman, fiber, silk, beads, charms, embroidery, creation, pendant, ornament, amulet


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