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Green Mountain Spinnery

Since Green Mountain Spinnery’s founding in 1981 we have been designing and producing richly colored, must-touch yarns and classic and contemporary patterns for hand knitters.  To this day our goals remain unchanged: to create yarns of the highest quality, to help sustain regional sheep farming, and to develop environmentally sound ways to process natural fibers.

All the fibers we use – wool, alpaca, mohair, organic cotton, and lyocell - are grown or produced  in the United States. We make every effort to purchase directly from individual growers.  Unlike most commercial mills, The Green Mountain Spinnery uses no chemicals to bleach, mothproof or shrink-proof yarns.

From initial contact with the fiber grower through the final labeling and approval of each finished skein, our team attends with care to every step and detail in the yarn-making process.  Each of our skilled employees brings enthusiasm and talent their work. Most of us at the Spinnery are accomplished hand-spinners, knitters or weavers; we have a heart-felt interest in producing extraordinary yarns for your use.

The yarns are created in our mill in Putney Vermont with vintage equipment. We match the dynamic capabilities of our machinery with a keen understanding of the nuances of each fiber blend. Throughout the entire process, the inherent liveliness of natural fibers is respected.

Our knitting patterns are designed to encourage knitters of every level to expand their skills and create natural fiber garments that can be worn with style and pleasure for years to come.

The Spinnery is now in its 30th year of operation.  We are a worker-owned coopertive.

Location: Putney, Vermont, USA
Online Shop: Green Mountain Spinnery
Brick and Mortar Presence: Our mill store is located at 7 Brickyard Lane, Putney and is open every day except major holidays.  Some of our yarns are also sold in fine yarn shops in the USA and Canada.  See our website for a complete listing.
Social Media:  Ravelry
   TNNA- the National Needle Arts Association
   Vermont Seep and Goat Association
   Valley Alliance of Worker Coopertives
Languages spoken: English

Green Mountain Spinnery, a worker-owned cooperative

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-Henry David Thoreau

In our case, it would be the needle or other fiber tool. Drive it home! And, we all thank you for your words, left here to these good folks. Invoke your Muse!


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