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Fabrique Fantastique

Jan Marriott at Market

I have always had a passion for vintage textiles.  As a child, I would scour market stalls for remnants for my dolly clothes, and I am still at it. I grew up in England (a publican's daughter) and have a textile degree from Canterbury College of Art ...many decades ago. Coming to Canada in the 60's I continued to practice as a textile artist, teaching collage locally at schools and libraries.  I exhibited as well. A wonderful job in the publishing industry came my way and textiles took a back seat for quite a few years, although I always bought more!  Since 2005 I have been buying and selling vintage textiles....anything that appeals and 'speaks' to me.  I sell at Ontario markets and online. I am still intrigued. 

Mission:  To serve my customers in a friendly and knowledgeable fashion, hoping to spread appreciation for vintage and antique textiles.
-Jan Marriott

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Online shops:
Social Media:  Twitter, Flickr
Membership: Textile Museum of Canada
Languages spoken: English

Vintage quilts and textiles by Fabrique Fantastique

Tags: vintage, quilts, fabric, textiles, markets, embroidery, weaving, antique, yardage, thrift

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-Henry David Thoreau

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