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Fabric of Life

My name is Mary Jose and I have been a textile conservator serving museums, galleries and private collectors for the past 25 years.  My passion is the preservation of material culture as expressed through traditional textile practice.

I have pursued this through my work as a conservator but just on 8 years ago I established my business,  Fabric of Life.  I am privileged to be able to travel throughout the world visiting textile artisans to learn about their work and to buy for my business. 

As all textile lovers will know there is always something more to learn about textiles  and more beautiful textiles to discover.  I am hoping to connect with people with similar interests through TAFA and also to source materials for my conservation work.

Mission:  Fabric of Life specialises in handmade contemporary and antique textiles individually selected from around the world.  We are proud to offer original handmade textiles that are finely crafted, distinctive and beautiful for use in interior design, fashion or as gifts.

We follow Fair Trade principles by buying from individual makers or projects that help to promote community development, self-sufficiency and sustainability. Each year we visit villages that still  practice traditional textile arts and select exquisite handmade pieces for Fabric of Life customers directly from the maker.

We are also proud to present a range of Australian Aboriginal textiles and fibre works from communities throughout Australia.

Fabric of Life also provides textile conservation services for the care and preservation  of a wide variety of antique and contemporary textiles.  Professional conservation enables objects of beauty, interest, sentimental value and cultural significance to be enjoyed by present and future generations. Whether you have a unique item yourself, or are responsible for the care of a museum collection, Fabric of Life has the expertise to preserve and care for your special textile piece.

Our expert team can provide advice on the right textile for your home and prepare the perfect display system to suit. The Fabric of Life textile collection is diverse in culture and style. We travel the world, sourcing textiles of the highest quality from artists across Asia, Africa, South America and Central Australia. Most works are new but we also stock vintage textiles for the collector. This is what makes Fabric of Life’s textiles truly unique, a collection you won’t find anywhere else.

Our extensive range is on display in our Melbourne Street store in Adelaide and online at Fabric of Life.

Location:  North Adelaide, South Australia
Online shop:  Fabric of Life
Brick and Mortar:
   Fabric Of Life
   Handmade and Fair Trade Textiles, Gifts and Conservation
   141 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, South Australia, 5006
   Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM)
   The Asian Arts Society of Australia (TAASA)
   The Fair Trade federation of Australia and New Zealand (FAANZ)
Languages spoken:  English

Fabric of Life in Australia

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