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Boucherouite Rag Rugs

Due to his love of Morocco, its culture and way of life, Jean-Yves Sevestre, with the help of the architect Denis Estienne, created Dar Syada : an exceptional place where traditional architecture meets modern design. Since his arrival in Morocco, Jean-Yves has been interested in Boucharouette tapestries, intrigued by the modernism expressed in this tribal art. The fluidity of the colours and the abstract design in these carpets called out to him and very soon he had them hung on the walls, contributing to the notion of “tapestry art”.  Within a few years, he had gathered an impressive collection and started to promote their sale with a Moroccan friend, Chafik Moujahid. 

For a couple of years, there was little interest.  The materials used were often scraps, creating the perception that these carpets seemed destined to remain domestic rugs. Following interest by private collectors, the publication of numerous books describing the fascinating and artistic qualities of Berbere carpets, sales to well-known designers and exhibitions in Europe and the USA, have all contributed, in the last few years, to a growing interest in this style of Berber tapestry.  Jean-Yves and Chafik  continue to scour the length and breadth of the villages found in the Middle and High Atlas mountains in order to buy directly from the Berbere women.  They are still moved and excited by the poetry and creativity expressed in these works.

Location:  Marrakech, Morocco
Online shops:  and Etsy
Brick and Mortar:  We have a permanent gallery, Darsyada, in Marrakech and an art gallery in Isle Sur La Sorgue in France (Galerie Demesure)
Languages spoken:  French, English, Arabic

Boucherouite Rag Rugs form Morocco

Tags:  Morocco, Carpets, Boucharouette, Tribal art, Berber, Tapestries

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