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Unique Batik

Unique Batik Artisans in Pakistan
We are a small business that makes a big impact.  We work with artisans in the developing world  (many of whom have perfected the traditional crafts of their ancestors) to bring these unique pieces of art to open markets.  Unique Batik is a Fair Trade wholesaler of clothes, bags, jewelry and accessories.  In business since 1991, we now have partnerships with artisans in Guatemala, Ghana, Thailand and Pakistan.  Fair Trade means our artisans are guaranteed fair wages, sustainable relationships and safe working conditions that are free from discrimination and forced child labor.  What makes Unique Batik different is its commitment to working alongside artisans to design beautiful products that meet demand in the developed world. 

Location:  Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Memberships:  Fair Trade Federation
Languages spoken:  English and Spanish

Fair Trade Products from Around the World

Tags:  Fair Trade, recycled, hand-dyed, batik, woven, bead work, comalapa, corte,  ikat, traditional crafts, embroidery.

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