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Botanical Colors, LLC

Botanical Colors: your source for natural dyes.

I am a textile craftswoman with 25 years experience in creating beautiful color from plants and other natural materials. I sell premium natural dyes and supplies through my online store, Botanical Colors. I have traveled to Africa, Turkey, Southeast Asia, India, Central America and Europe in search of the historic and traditional colorants of these cultures.

I love color.  I am happy every day that I have my hands in a dye pot and never tire of the magic of  indigo.  I abandoned a corporate position in Silicon Valley to relocate to Seattle and follow my dream of a life in the textile arts.  I worked for over 6 years at Earthues in Seattle and honed my skills in color, design and production dyeing in one of the most beautiful and inspirational textile arts studios and the epicenter of natural dyeing in North America.  In addition to dyeing, I spin, weave, knit and felt and am busily making sample swatch books of the hundreds of colors that I have dyed over the years.

I live in a small cottage in Seattle with a huge organic vegetable garden and share life's adventures with my heart's delight, Richard, and our sweet rough collie, Rio. We support community endeavors including the Coalition of Refugees from Burma and share our bounty by providing fresh, organic food to our local food banks.

Artist's statement:  I strive to provide natural dyes that are beautiful, sustainable, environmentally friendly and support farming communities and small producers.  I have personally visited a number of my major suppliers to ensure that their working environments and processing methods are humane and economically and socially responsible.  All of the dyes that I sell are personally tested for quality, light and washfastness and are the historic dyes that have been used for centuries by textile artisans all over the world.

I hope someday to create a sustainable enterprise that leverages the textile skills of my Burmese friends so that they can thrive and prosper in their new home.  I am optimistic that the success of Botanical Colors will help establish this new enterprise in the near future.

Location:  Seattle, Washington, USA
Online shop:  botanicalcolors
   Natural Dyes International
   Coalition of Refugees from Burma
Languages spoken:  English, Spanish, Japanese

Naturally dyed yarns with Botanical Colors extracts.

Tags:  Color and Culture, Fair Trade, Textile arts, weaving, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, dyeing, printing, quilting

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