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Cultured Expressions, Inc.

As a lifelong fabricholic, I built a business around my love for African textiles in particular. Cultured Expressions specializes in the creative use of authentic African fabrics for sewing, quilting, decorating and crafts. It started with the publication of my first book, AFRICAN ACCENTS: Fabrics and Crafts to Decorate Your Home. Since then, I've been promoting my work through two more books (GLOBAL EXPRESSIONS and ON THE GO!) and by importing and selling fabrics, embellishments, kits and specialty merchandise to go with the books. Two favorites are our Jacquard Batiks and handcrafted brass adinkra symbols, both from Ghana.

I also offer related travel and tour opportunities, including our Textile and Craft Tour of Ghana (Sept 2010) and our 6th annual Quilter's Retreat, which takes place at a holistic spa in Negril, Jamaica (June 2011). In addition to helping others create their own artwork through workshops and the merchandise, I've also been carving out a bit more time to create custom handbags and commissioned wall hangings. I love what I do and I enjoy sharing it with others.

Friends are invited to my home studio in Rahway, NJ to shop-by-appointment, and a mini shop is always set up for workshops.

Artist's Statement:  Through my books, events and products, I want to offer people a unique avenue for self expression and at the same time, give them an appreciation for, and an understanding of African cultures and creativity.

Location:  Rahway, New Jersey, USA
Social Media:  LinkedIn  
   CHA Designer Member
   Newark Museum - Instructor & Member
   Textile Museum - Member
   Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Alumni Assn
Languages spoken:  English, some Spanish, a little Twi (spoken in Ghana)

African textiles available at Cultured Expressions, Inc.

+African Accents On The Go! Designing Accessories with Cultural Style


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-Henry David Thoreau

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