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Ames Douces

Ames Douces (fr. Ah-meh Dooseh) is French for ""gentle souls"".  These dolls are not dolls you would typically find in a toy store.  Rather, they quietly accompany adults and children alike on their journeys through life.  These gentle souls are worry dolls. They are talismans or mascots of sorts to help you wade through the difficulties you might encounter as you go about your daily lives.  They were created to do your worrying for you. Make one your personal hero.

I also sell vintage lettering and other supplies in my Simon et Cie shop on Etsy.

Artist's Statement:  My mission is to make people happy. I am a worry wart by nature and it has often gotten in the way of enjoyment and happiness in my life.  One day, I decided to stop worrying. I found myself having difficulty with this. I felt that someone had to worry lest things go wrong everywhere. I had once heard about Guatemalan worry dolls and set off to find out more about them.  It seemed amazing to me that something so simple could actually work so I decided to create my own worry doll that I could project my worries onto before resting my head on my pillow.  Lo and behold, although it took a little practice (worriers always tend to want to hang onto things), lo and behold, I feel more free to enjoy life than ever.

My mission is to help those who need a little help to stop worrying. We all need a little rest from that now and then so that we may live life to its fullest!


Location:  Petaluma, California, USA
Online shops:   
Languages spoken:  English, French, Spanish

 "Sebastian", Art Worry Doll by Ames Douces

Tags:  art, doll, handmade, yarn, sculpture, softie, fabric, embellished, worry doll, talisman

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