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Something Else Studio

"I'm living my Dreams :)  As a full time artisan I have the sheer joy of getting up each morning and working in my studio to create wearable art in the form of purses, pockets  and renaissance inspired accessories.  I have many more ideas then I have time to create them, so I look forward to bringing to my festivals new items and new designs each season.  When I set off to college as a returning adult student seventeen years ago I had every intention of becoming an Art & Skills For Living school teacher, but somewhere along the way I ran off and joined a very talented group of gypsies know as renaissance festival artisans!  It is a lot of work to create, promote and manufacture your own designs for my festivals and websites, but it's an adventure I wouldn't trade for anything.  So follow your dreams and BELIEVE in the magic of our own creative soul. 

~ I am a self-supporting artist. With hard working hands & a creative heart I have crafted into reality my dreams with imagination and perseverance. Thank you for supporting my journey ~"

Find me at Sterling Renaissance Festival, Sterling, NY  USA  and The Maryland Renaissance Festival, Crownville, MD  USA.

Artist's statement:  "In 1995 I opened my design studio where my love for art, history and imagination could all take flight. I works out of my home studio creating enchanted accessories for  Renaissance, Faerie & Art Festivals.

With the focus on accessories as wearable art, I design a very unique look that transform the wearer from function to Fancy.  Each One-of-A-Kind creation brings it's own enchanting finishing touch, all handcrafted with extra attention to every detail.

I have been creating for 30 years, gaining experience with medieval design by making costumes for Renaissance Festivals. I have spent time doing quilting, fabric dyeing, crewel, beadwork, and photography, all of which I employed when my son decided on a medieval-themed wedding. Now I use all of my diverse skills to offer you all the services of a medieval guild.

I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art with a focus on graphic design and drawing. I love working in mixed media with painting, textiles, murals, photography, and plaster relief paintings on wood, resulting in dimensional artwork. Some of my painting become interactive as viewers open doors or press buttons to interact with the artwork."
-Jannelle Olmstead

Location: Palmyra, New York, USA
Online shops:
   Arts Cultural Council for Greater Rochester
   American Crafts Council
   Etsy Fantasy Artists Team 
Languages spoken: english & ren speak :)

Wearable Art by Something Else Studio

Tags:  purses, pocket, bag, wearable art, fabric painting, mixed media, fantasy, whimsical, original designs, historical

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-Henry David Thoreau

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