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Anni Hunt

"Copper Pot", Detail, by Anni Hunt

Stitching and fabric have been an important part of Anni’s life since childhood. As so many people do she started making clothes, then  moved on to quilting and now is making stitched, dyed and painted 3d pieces and wall hangings.  All art making gives its creator certain freedoms and creating work in 3D has given her a new view of what she wants to and can do.

Having had a career in “grayscale” imaging she has necessarily become acutely aware of subtle changes in shade.  In many ways this has pushed her towards a love of, and perhaps a need for, the rich and colourful, but at the same time kept her very aware of changes in hue and tone.  As an artist she has found this very helpful. 

The sleek and elegant lines of Japanese design concepts has also been a strong influence on Anni.  She finds its strength and simplicity inspiring and in a way comforting.

With her containers she wants to create the contradictory feeling of containment and freedom, a contradiction which is something that everyone finds in their lives.

Artist's statment:  I have always had a very good ""eye"" for subtle changes in colour . I think my thirty years in ""grayscale"" imaging in medicine has definitely honed those skills to a finer degree than most. So it is wonderful to be able to apply that in stitch with the use of fibre and threads to create a rich and colourful texture reflecting nature in my work.

I tend to use my surroundings from the west coast and nature to influence and inspire me.
My design sense has definitely been influenced by sleek, elegant Japanese lines and the Art Deco clothing styles of Erte` to which I apply to my wearable art creations.

My work is available at Crafthouse, a gallery run by the Craft Council of British Columbia.

"Family Connections" by Anni Hunt

Location:  West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
   SDA, Surface Design Assoc.
   SAQA, Studio Art Quilts Assoc.
   Gail Harker Creative Studies
   Workshop on the Web
Languages spoken:  English, Norwegian

"Dream Twigs" by Anni Hunt


Tags:  Mixed Media, Textiles, Machine Embroidery, Collage, Encaustics, Abstracts in Nature.

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“Drive a nail home and clinch it so faithfully that you can wake up in the night and think of your work with satisfaction,- a work at which you would not be ashamed to invoke the Muse”
-Henry David Thoreau

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