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Inkyspider - Morgen Bardati

My name is Morgen Bardati and I am a textile artist and designer living in the mountainous Kootenay region of British Columbia in Canada. My home is in a tiny village nestled next to the Slocan Lake across from the beautiful pristine wilderness of Valhalla Park.

I enjoy working with a mixed media of traditional and innovative textile design techniques on natural fibers including cotton, linen, hemp, silk and wool. I use dye, shibori, screen printing, painting, sewing and piecing to transform cloth into garments, accessories, housewares and bags.  My passion for the environment inspires me to make use of repurposed fabric as much as possible in my clothing and accessories.

Artist's Statement:  My early inspiration comes from first memories: the red dirt, bold patterns and vibrancy of Africa where I was born and raised.  I am  inspired by nature, culture, pattern and geometry.

My designs have a universal, personal and tribal resonance. I like to design garments and textiles that celebrate our cultural diversity and our connection to nature. I express this through vibrant and earthy colour, pattern, movement and texture. Many of the techniques and materials used in my textiles have roots in cultural traditions used worldwide. It is important to me that we preserve these traditions from cultural extinction so that we may continue to expand on them with new innovations and personal expression.

I began as a mixed media painter and printmaker, receiving my arts education in South Africa. I had been working with surface designed textiles for 18 years, doing mostly t-shirts for markets and fairs. In 2005 I decided to really make the switch from painting to fiber arts and attended the Kootenay School of Art in Nelson, BC where I took courses in pattern drafting, clothing design, and reconstruction techniques. I enjoy deconstructing discarded jackets and coats and redesigning them, adding new linings and usually some accents of surface design techniques. I continue to explore organic fabrics and natural source dyes.

Location: New Denver,British Columbia,Canada
Online shop:  inkyspider
Other social media:  Twitter
   Surface Design Association
   Total Art Soul
Languages spoken:  English

 Japanese Inspired Tunic designed and constructed
by Morgen Bardati

Tags: surface design, shibori, screenprinting, hand dyed, natural fiber, reconstructed, wearable art, canada, nature inspired, geometry

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“Drive a nail home and clinch it so faithfully that you can wake up in the night and think of your work with satisfaction,- a work at which you would not be ashamed to invoke the Muse”
-Henry David Thoreau

In our case, it would be the needle or other fiber tool. Drive it home! And, we all thank you for your words, left here to these good folks. Invoke your Muse!


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