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Hedgehog Hiker

The Hedgehog Hiker Story:

These pants are made with soft waterproof breathable fabric and partially lined with recycled cotton  t-shirts. The combination
keeps your little baby dry and warm.  I designed these pants after
noticing that my baby’s legs were always wet and cold during our
Portland winter walks.  All the pant legs would become too short
when sitting in a stroller or hiking back pack.

Hedgehog Hiker pants are designed to fit extra long.  For everyday use, wear the folded cuff up. When it is time to venture outdoors, wear the cuff down. This extra couple inches really helps keep little ankles cozy and provides parents confidence to enjoy some fresh air.  There is an adjustable waistband and awesome big pocket for treasures.

A sustainable product and business;  “Hedgehog Hiker” pants are made using material milled in the USA, recycled fibers, and eco-friendly print methods. 80% of the materials are purchased from vendors in the Pacific Northwest.

So grab a pair and get outside! 

Available at:

Milagros Boutique, NE 33rd  (Portland, OR)
Piccolina, 26th and Clinton  (Portland, OR)
Polliwog  (Portland, OR)
Bug a Boo of Ashland  (Ashland, OR)
Bambini of Eugene  (Eugene, OR)

Artist's statement:  My name is Emily Purdin of “Hedgehog Hiker”, hiking clothes for children. The “Hedgehog Hiker” clothing brand is designed to keep children dry, active, and comfortable. As a textile artist, I felt compelled to make a product that is 100 % unique. Every last detail has been designed by me, right down to the printed fabric. My customers really appreciate this attention to detail. Best of all, the clothing  is made specifically for the rainy Pacific Northwest! You know if it works here, it will wear well anywhere!  Thanks for continuing to support locally made and sustainable products.

(No hedgehogs have been tested in the making of these clothes.)

Emily Purdin
Seamstress & Proprietor

Location:  Portland, Oregon, USA
Online shops:
   Hedgehog Hiker
Blog:  hedgehoghiker
Social Media:  my.contactme 
Membership:  CRAVE of Portland, OR
Languages spoken:  English

Tags:  Kids, Baby, Pants, Raincoat, Outerwear, Portland, Patterns

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