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New Site

TAFA celebrated its first birthday on January 31st, 2011.  With that, several members participated in an evaluation of where we have been and where we are going.  Unanimously, we agreed that TAFA has outgrown this Blogger platform and that we needed a new site with a powerful search engine and other tools that will benefit the members.

Our site is up and it's gorgeous!  

The following documents how we launched the new site.  It remains here for posterity's sake and for inspiration to other emerging projects:

New Website

TAFA's new site has a powerful search engine that generates results by images, price range, location and other information.  The site's main goal is to serve as a resource for buyers, gallery owners, designers, writers and others who are looking for fiber art and textile businesses.

Our members all have online businesses that need access to larger markets.  Our hope is that by having the site serve as such a hub, we will all form new partnerships with the community at large.

The estimated cost for the new site is around $5000.  We successfully raised this amount on a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo.  The site is in development and we hope to launch it in October, 2011.  TAFA needs continued support as there will be hosting and maintenance fees for the new site.  We also need to invest in further development of the organization, so if you like what we are doing, join our efforts!

Update July 2012:  The site has cost close to $10,000 so far and there is still much more we want to add to it.  It will probably cost around $20,000 by the time we are done.  But, then....  are these things ever finished?


Advertise on TAFA's new site and help support our site development.  For rates and ad specs, visit the sponsor page.


Our page is still up there.  Visit it to see how it went:

TAFA and its members contribute to make our world a better place for all of us.  Our common language uses textiles and fiber art, but our individual actions extend beyond that in ways that have global repercussions.  Your support will go a long way in ensuring that each of us has the tools we need to grow our businesses into our full potential.

We thank you.

Comments, suggestions, questions?  Feel free to leave them below and subscribe by email option if you want to receive responses.  Answers will be posted here.

Website Prototype

Newest version of the home page, October 15

Updated July 23rd, 2011

Preview of our site's new look!
This is the first draft.  Very exciting!

Long image at the top flashes.



Update July 2012:

The format did evolve, but keeping the basic design in place:


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