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TAFA's New Site Has Launched!

TAFA's new site has launched and is at the address.  This is the old site and will stay up although many of the links broke during the transfer.  Come visit us at our new home!

Sara Lechner

I began working with textiles more than 20 years ago when I discovered that this was my way of connecting with the world and contribute bringing more fantasy, inspiration and a smile to it. I live in a world of little people and awesome worlds, all born in my imagination.  My art was shaped by a life full of experiences in two continents, Europe and South America (where I'm living now once more). My childhood was populated with an imagery of strange creatures born from the art of the Jesuit Missions of Argentina.

Artist's statement:  I'd like to inspire people through the spell of  medieval and folk motives, angels and birds. They live with me even when I do more minimalistic contemporary art...

Location:  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Online shop:  SaraLechnerArt
Social Media:  LinkedIn, facebook
Languages spoken:  English, German, French, Spanish

The Magical Textiles of Sara Lechner

Tags:  embroidery, felting, quilting, contemporary, fairies, tyvek, fantasy, flowers, embellisher, faces

Bozena Wojtaszek

I'm an art quilter. My quilts are small to medium in size, perfect for interior decoration. I'm always interested in selling and exhibiting my works.  I also have a few collections of bags, ornaments and textile jewelery.  Yes, I'm open for commissions too.

Location:  Lodz, Poland
Online shop:  BozenaWojtaszek
Blog:  Textile Cuisine
Social Media:   Twitter,  Pinterest
Memberships:  QuiltArt
Languages spoken:  Polish, English

"Market", Art Quilt by Bozena Wojtaszek

Tags:  art quilt, applique, medieval, textile, fiber, tree, teapots, landscapes, vegetables, interiors

Lao Hats

Heather Daveno of  Lao Hats

I am a self taught, American born textile artist who has been making hats from recycled textiles for over 20 years.  Please visit my shop for both custom made and 'off the rack' handmade hats.

Artist's statement:  Inspired by art forms from a variety of cultures and time periods, my hats are handcrafted from recycled textiles and found objects.  Lao Hats are limited editions, unique, warm and wearable artworks for your head!

Lao, the Chinese word for Old, is a play on words and a reference to the recycled / reclaimed / repurposed nature of my work.

I am in the process of rebranding and I am looking for a new name.  Please see my Facebook page or website for details...

Location:  Seattle, Washington, USA
Membership:  Northwest Art Alliance
Social Media:
Languages spoken:   English with smatterings of German and Turkish

Lao Hats:  Recycled and handmade!

Tags:   Heather Daveno, Lao Hats, recycled, handcraft, handmade, wearable art, handmade hats, wool hats, art to wear


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