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TAFA Market

TAFA held its first public event in Paducah, Kentucky on April 27-30, 2011.  We piggy-backed on to the AQS Quilt Show which normally brings in about 30,000 visitors, almost the same as our population.  Unfortunately, this year the whole region has been affected by terrible flooding, devastating homes and farmland.  We have a flood wall in Paducah which kept us from damage, but numbers were down for the show.  Still, we had a wonderful event and feel proud of our members, their talent, and their participation.  Watch the video for lots of eye candy and experience our TAFA Market!

It looks like this is going to be a yearly event, so plan ahead and join us next year.  Hotels begin booking a year in advance, so it's never to soon to put your plan into action!  Paducah is 7 hours south of Chicago, between 2 and 3 hours from Nashville, St. Louis, and Memphis, and 6 hours from Atlanta.  


Paducah, Kentucky is home to the American Quilter's Society (AQS) and The National Quilt Museum which host a huge quilt show every year.  We decided that this would be a wonderful time to host TAFA's first event which will also help us raise money for our new website. 

The TAFA Market was held in a beautiful space that is currently vacant, conveniently located in the downtown Market Square, smack in the middle of our best restaurants and only two blocks from the Quilt Museum.

Several wonderful things happened in this space:
  • Member show:  Art Quilts, Textiles and Accessories
  • Vendors selling ethnic, fair trade and vintage textiles
  • Silent Auction
Scroll on down for a taste of what was at our TAFA Market!  Click on the names to visit their member profiles.

Member Show

Members represented textiles from all of our continents!  Techniques included traditional ones associated with quilts, lots of dyeing processes (including batik), felting, weaving, and more.  Most of the members represented below had more than one piece in the show. 

Art Quilts and Textiles

Heather Lair Designs  (Canada)

Rose Hughes  (California, USA)

Asian Art and Quilts  (Oregon, USA)

Cindy Grisdela  (Virginia, USA)

David Lucht  (Kentucky, USA)

Helene Davis (Kentucky, USA)

Bob Davis (Kentucky, USA)

Caryl Bryer Fallert (Kentucky, USA)

Constance Rose  (California, USA)

Rayela Art   (Kentucky, USA)

Cross Cultural Collaborative   (Massachusetts, USA and Ghana)

Accessories and More

Nothing But String   (California, USA)

Plumfish Creations  (Western Australia)

Meg Hannan  (Washington, USA)

Jwrobel   (Massachusetts, USA)

EKOHAUS   (Lithuania)


Several vendors traveled a great distance to share their wares at the TAFA Market. 

Crossroads Trade  (Massachusetts, USA)

MarketPlace: Handwork of India  (Illinois, USA)

Oshiwa Designs   (Namibia)

Afghan Tribal Arts   (Wisconsin, USA)

Rayela Art   (Kentucky, USA)

Together, TAFA Members can do great things!


  1. I am loving the textiles featured here -- the highest quality, the most gorgeous colours, the most exciting artisanal work from around the world. TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles is proud to be part of this. Thanks to Rachel Biel for her inspiration and hard work bringing TAFA to life.

  2. what a mouth watering assortment of treasures, Rachel, you have done an outstanding job of curating, assembling, networking, persuading, getting the word out, almost time to sit back and enjoy the beauty! So sorry I can't join you this year, it is spectacular.



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